February 2008

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World General Strike April 15th

The most important video on the internet

On April 15, 2008...

General Strike, do not work, go to school or buy gasoline or anything else, withdraw most of your money from your bank, cancel your cable TV propaganda machine. Protest the Federal Reserve, big media propaganda and your enslavement!

When Discussions cross into "Conspiracy Theory" and becomes "Forbidden" to Exile the Inquisitor

Anyone involved in exposing the 911 false flag event and cover-up has most likely heard, and even been the recipient of, the term "conspiracy theory" and derivations of it. The term has spread over the years from the JFK era to today that has been used to label or stereotype individuals in a negative manner. Its connotation is continually hammered away as a negative "scarlet letter" and repeated by the media by anyone who may fall unscrupulously privy to it.

The link to the article examines the term "conspiracy theory" as being a label for forbidden thought. It looks at what seems as an unwritten line in a debate that when crossed there is a uneasy realm that logical discourse and free thought now become uncomfortable, stagnant area, where logic does not exist, facts are not analyzed, and a balance of evidence in either direction of a debate is irrelevant.

Manhattan Madonna

Manhatten Madonna

Gideon Polya

Art and article reprinted from Media With Conscience News - mwcnews.net/content/view/10766/26

By Gideon Polya, October 2007


MANHATTAN MADONNA is a huge painting that I have recently completed as part of a series of Madonna and Child paintings based on major cities. The Manhattan Madonna has a fundamental message that the most profound beauty and truth in our world is that of Mother and Child and that this beauty and truth transcends the greatest works of Man.

This truism for decent people must be endlessly re-stated because it is so blatantly ignored in our present globalized, Bush-ite-led Spaceship Earth in which 10.6 million under-5 year old infants die every year, 29,000 daily and about 90% avoidably due to man-made deprivation and First World greed.

9/11 Truth Gaining International Recognition

Check out this International (German Based) Petition:


I encourage everyone to sign, and pass along to all truthers.

Author and anti-war activist Mike Palecek tours with new books

Whitney Trettien
151A Erie Street
Cambridge, MA
costoffreedombook@yahoo.com (preferred)

Author and anti-war activist Mike Palecek tours with new books

Sheldon, Iowa — From Tulsa to Denver, noted author and activist Mike Palecek hits the road this spring with two new books: Iowa Terror and Cost of Freedom: The Anthology of Peace and Activism.

Described by Howard Zinn as a writer with “passion, wit,” and “a profound social conscience,” Palecek has been writing antiwar, political novels for over 10 years.

Yet Another Mindblowingly Ignorant Hit Piece

It just goes to show how strong some peoples' appeal to authority can be. People are still turning to Popular Mechanics for comfort in 2008. And the author goes on about how the Loose Change makers aren't "experts," as if Dylan and company sat in a room and dreamed up the 9/11 truth movement's arguments all by themselves, rather than drawing on other peoples' research - people who just never broke through to the mainstream like Loose Change. Caporaletti also charges that Loose Change and other truthers "ignore" the "answers" put forth by Popular Mechanics.

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Column: Conspiracy theories are actually laughable myths

Jacob Caporaletti, CT regular columnist
Wednesday, February 27; 12:00 AM

It's all a conspiracy. The government, big business and the Freemasons are all out to get us. They want to use their influence to control world affairs. Scary, isn't it?

9/11 Truth Norway

An Inconvenient Truth Movement

Open Letter to the Press

Dear Editor / Journalist,

We have now started 9/11 Truth Norway, and we ask you to consider the following argument for a re-opening of the issue in the Norwegian press.

The OCT Illusion
Many media professionals feel that the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) about September 11 stands firmly on solid ground. We will show that this is not the case, and that its support as well as the OCT itself is indeed an illusion.

Physically Impossible Stories about the Collapse of the Towers
OCT draws support from reports that clock the fall time of the Twin Towers at less than 15 seconds. This implies a slowdown compared to free-fall of no more than 5 seconds, or less than 5 hundredths per floor. Such a minute slowdown is utterly unlikely from just a fire, because it would mean that thousands of support points would have to fail at the same time, so that there were no resistance left against the collapse in the building structure.

Deliberate Political Foot-Dragging and Cover-Up With Shockingly Un-Scientific Methods

Joel Hirschhorn, Laurie Dobson on 9/11 Truth and Elections Today on GCN

Ph.D. metallurgical engineer & 9/11 truth supporter Joel Hirschhorn http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/engineers.html#Hirschhorn, and 9/11 truth senatorial candidate Laurie Dobson http://www.dobsonforsenate.com will be my guests today on Dynamic Duo, 4-6 pm CT, http://www.gcnlive.com Network 4.

Hirschhorn will be the first hour guest, followed by Dobson the second hour.

We'll be talking about the 2008 elections--and Hirschhorn and Dobson are both arguing against the "lesser evil" mentality. Hirschhorn has written several recent op-eds on the elections including:



Call-in number 866-582-9933

Just trying to get a sense of the format, here...

I just signed up for the first time, and I read that new arrivals need to post for a while in order for the moderators of this sight to have an opportunity to determine whether everything is on the up-and-up. Of course, it also said that submissions can be rejected for a variety of reasons, including the eventuality that it might not be related to 9-11. This presents a minor catch-22 for me; on the one hand, I don't really have anything to say until such time as it can be properly displayed, and read, but I can't get to that point without giving the moderators a chance to vet my submissions.

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