March 2009

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Guardian investigation uncovers evidence of alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza

(The Guardian has posted three powerful videos on the page linked below illustrating this report. Highly recommended viewing. -rep.)

Palestinians claim children were used as human shields and hospitals targeted during 23-day conflict

The Guardian has compiled detailed evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Israel during the 23-day offensive in the Gaza Strip earlier this year, involving the use of Palestinian children as human shields and the targeting of medics and hospitals.

A month-long investigation also obtained evidence of civilians being hit by fire from unmanned drone aircraft said to be so accurate that their operators can tell the colour of the clothes worn by a target.

The testimonies form the basis of three Guardian films which add weight to calls this week for a full inquiry into the events surrounding Operation Cast Lead, which was aimed at Hamas but left about 1,400 Palestinians dead, including more than 300 children.

The Ameros Climbing to top of Charts at Reverbnation

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9/11 Victims' Kin Seek Release Of Secret Documents



Three families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 terrorist attacks head to court today to plead with a federal judge to release a million pages of documents detailing the mass murder of nearly 3,000 Americans.

Those secret papers, one Bay State family member told the Herald, are “so bad you won’t believe it.”

“It was out control,” Paul Keating, 45, said of security on Sept. 11, 2001, including at Logan International Airport in Boston where two ill-fated jets left on a collision course with infamy.

“My mother went through the most public murder you could imagine . . . and I’ve been putting up with this crap for seven years,” Keating said of his refusal to settle his case out of court.

Keating’s 72-year-old mother, Barbara, a Framingham native, died aboard American Airlines [AMR] Flight 11.

Explosives Expert, Ron Craig, to Examine 9/11 at University of Waterloo

"9/11: Did Explosives Demolish the Towers?" - A Lecture by Ron Craig
A Free Public Lecture Organized by the UW 9/11 Research Group
Friday March 27, 2009
Arts Lecture Hall, University of Waterloo
7:00 - 9:00 pm

His presentation will evaluate the collapse of the World Trade Center towers from a forensic perspective by conducting a fire and explosion investigation. The presentation is intended to be a dynamic and original approach to determine if explosives were primarily responsible for the collapse of WTC 1 and 2.

RON CRAIG teaches courses in pyrotechnics and explosives at Ryerson University. He has delivered peer reviewed papers on advanced incendiary/improvised explosive devices at conferences throughout North America. Lecturer to CSI personnel on improvised explosive devices and home made explosives. Member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, and the International Society of Explosive Engineers. Craig has received advanced training in fire and explosion investigation, firefighting and explosives, and has over 25 years of professional experience using all classes of explosives.

AE911Truth Speaking Event in Berkeley, CA at 7 PM on Sat, Mar 28, 2009

Click poster for more information.

SF AIA Convention Update

Thank you so much to all who have chipped in to help with our San Francisco AIA Convention special project. We are now at over 70% of our donation goal. The response has been overwhelming, and we appreciate the dedication of those who are in a position to help out with this project. We have extended the donation deadline to April 25 because we are so close to achieving our goal.

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The Art of Deception

We are fighting an epic war against the wealthy, entrenched masters of deception. Deceit is a stratagem of inestimable value to this ruling minority. It is their lifeblood, their way, their religion. They cannot operate without it. They have found, over the decades, the right combinations of wealth saturated influence and interjections into all those institutions we held as trustworthy- our representatives, our money managers, our press, our universities and even to many wearing the trappings of religious authority. To crack their code has been the mission especially of those of us in the 9/11 truth movement. Their deceit goes far deeper than 9/11. We can see it operating in the human catastrophe now known as the global financial collapse. The planning and implementation of the events of 9/11 are more than likely connected to the purveyors of this web of deceit. Their mission is an on going affair. Ours is as well. Exposing any crack in this system will eventually lead to the unmasking of layer after layer of its toxic entanglements.We are after all challenging the art of deception with the art of truth telling.


The white house is open for questions ... Hmm, what kind of question would you ask?

This is interesting:

"The White House is open for questions."

"We invite you to participate in our community-moderated online town hall. Submit your own question about the economy and vote on submissions from others. We also encourage you to include a link to a video of yourself asking your question, but text submissions are all you need. Come back on Thursday to watch the President answer some of the most popular submissions live at"

Perhaps some of the more literate here can suggest some questions? Not that I expect any of them to be treated seriously, and I expect censorship, but it's worth a try....

To All Readers: Help Force Congress To Observe the Law on National Emergencies!


March 24, 2009
Peter Dale Scott and Dan Hamburg

On 9/11 the Bush administration declared a State of Emergency (SOE), which was formally proclaimed on September 14, 2001, and extended by Bush repeatedly thereafter, most recently on August 28, 2008.(1) Under cover of this SOE, Bush secretly enacted many extreme measures, ranging from suspension of habeas corpus to preparations for martial law in America; all these were undertaken as part of secret so-called "Continuity of Government" (COG) procedures associated with the SOE, and first instituted on 9/11.(2)(3)

The National Emergencies Act, one of the post-Watergate reforms so detested by Vice-President Cheney, requires specifically that


9/11 Commissioner and former Sen. Bob Kerrey is quoted in this article, which I took as a reason to include criticism and links regarding that. Hyperlinks at the post‘congress-passes-wide-ranging-bill-easing-bank-laws’/

An article was published in the November 5, 1999 New York Times regarding the passage of “Gramm-Leach-Bliley” Act; it overturned the Glass-Steagal Act and opened the door for banks and securities companies to engage in the massive orgy of speculation and greed that led to the current economic meltdown. Clinton signed it into law, and most Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and the politically-controlled SEC, OTS, OCC, FBI, Fed Reserve and Treasury, did nothing to stop the criminal corporate profiteers from raping the American consumer and blowing up the economy. Even now, Obama’s administration is aiding and abetting profiteering from the current crisis, by the very same people who profited from rigged markets that led to the crisis.