April 2010

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Sorry, but I'm now an ex-truther. I feel betrayed by the "truth" movement

While I was not initially impressed by the debunking efforts of Popular Mechanics, I was recently turned on to two sites: debunking911.com and 911myths.com.

These sites go far more in technical depth than Popular Mechanics.

Also, David Ray Griffin's critique of the NIST report in "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" was thoroughly destroyed by NASA scientist Ryan Mackey.

Each and every claim of the movement is thoroughly scrutinized and debunked.

If certain claims are not debunked, they have been at the very least cast severe doubt upon.

For example, when Silverstein said to "pull it," he was not talking about the building, he was talking about the contingent of firefighters within the building.

They reveal how thermite does not cause loud bangs and explosions, and therefore the thermite theory does not support the testimony of explosions.

People don't realize that in a fire of that magnitude, you're going to have coffee machines blowing up, and microwave ovens blowing up. So of course people are going to hear explosions!

So-called "truthers" don't seem to acknowledge these points as they contravene their pet theory.

BUILDING WHAT?! Day 14 (and important Day 17 info!)

Fellow Advocates:

Please note that City Council offices will be closed tomorrow, Friday, April 2 in observance of Good Friday. Building WHAT?! will resume full force on Monday, April 5, and culminate on Wednesday, April 7 with the Speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn, who will be the only council member we contact that day. Our goal for the Speaker's office is 1,000 phone calls and faxes, so please be sure to participate on Wednesday, April 7 - with only one person to contact it's very easy!

Also, just to reiterate, please be sure to direct the aides to "A Message From Bob McIlvaine" on the NYC CAN home page so they see footage of Building 7 and learn what the pursuit of truth is all about.

Thank you!

Day 14 Council Members

Council Member Albert Vann
Phone: (718) 919-0740 or (718) 919-0741
Fax: (718) 919-0744

Council Member Mark Weprin
Phone: (718) 468-0137
Fax: (212) 608-6382

Council Member Rosie Mendez
Phone: (212) 677-1077
Fax: (212) 677-1990
Please email us at info@nyccan.org to share what you learned from your phone calls!