April 2011

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Thank you all for your generous donations. 62 patriotic citizens have sent "Firehouse 911" to 656 firehouses surrounding New York City. Now we'll drop the truth bomb around San Francisco. go to http://communitycurrency.org/911TV/indexpublicaccess.html and donate $20 to get the video made by firefighters for fighters sent to 10 more firehouses. send this link to ALL your email list.

9/11 TRUTH: Hollywood Speaks Out (2011 Bill Pullman Trailer)

!!! COMING TO YOUTUBE JUNE 9, 2011 !!!

A Decade After 9/11, Hollywood Is Ready To Speak Out.

Are You Ready To Listen?


This film is NOT about the RESPECTABILTY or CREDIBILTY of any one person (celebrity or not). If I wanted that, I would have made a boring film about the dozen or so ACADEMICALLY ACCREDITED scientests who have actually tested the World Trade Center dust and found UN-EXPLODED military grade NANO-THERMITE.

This film is about Hollywood's GUT FEELING that something is just not right, and the dozens of UNASWERED QUESTIONS they have - like why, after 7 years, did NIST finally have to admit WTC7 fell at FREE FALL SPEED?

AE911Truth's Call To Action By Richard Gage, AIA

In this 20 minute heartfelt appeal to action Richard Gage, AIA , founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, lays out the history of AE911Truth, where it hopes to go, and how you can help to get it there.

From: "Investigate Building 7" March 26 2011
Univ. of Hartford, W. Hartford Ct


Hedge Fund Manager Admits Profiting from 9/11 and Other Terrorist Attacks

In this incredible video clip, British hedge fund manager David Yarrow openly describes how he profited from the 9/11 attacks by short selling key shares in the minutes after the first attack on the World Trade Center. Yarrow also admits having similarly profited in response to the 2004 Madrid train bombings and the July 7, 2005 London bombings.

Operation Checkmate: the pawns fight back


"When the people fear the government that is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, that is liberty.



- Thomas Jefferson



Robert Fisk’s anti-Syria propaganda

The Indepedent, 31 March 2011


Robert Fisk’s anti-Syria propaganda


Propaganda alert

AE911Truth "The Blueprint" Bimonthly Newsletter - Late April 2011

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Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth / Blueprint Newsletter
AE911Truth Blueprint Newsletter | Vol. XXIV | Late-April 2011 
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AE911Truth Action Groups spring up across Midwest in the wake of our cross-country tour this month; several new media opportunities blossom for us this spring including Richard Gage, AIA, on FOX News TV Detroit; WeAreChange Atlanta hosts AE911Truth, Cynthia McKinney, Luke Rudkowski on May 21; AE911Truth Celtic Tour heats up for mid-June – stop in Amsterdam is added.

• AE911Truth Midwest Tour Winds Up in Motor City with
     Fox TV Media Splash
• UC Davis Guest Speaker Challenges Students, Questions
     Official Explanation for 9/11 Towers’ Destruction
• Upcoming Events: AE911Truth, NYC CAN and
     WeAreChange Turn Up the Heat This Summer

WikiLeaks: London is a hub of al-Qaeda’s global terrorism network

Daily Telegraph, 26 April 2011





Daily Telegraph, 28 April 2011





The Guardian, 26 April 2011





Sunday Express, 17 April 2011





Can we help April Gallop?

      I heard April Gallop speak a few years ago and had the opportunity to talk with her, when we both participated in a conference in Irvine, California. April was in the Pentagon with her infant son on Sept. 11, 2001, when the devastation occurred. There was no warning. We know from Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's testimony that Dick Cheney et al. were following the progress of the jet as it came in towards the Pentagon, "50 miles out", 30 miles out, etc. Yet there was no warning to April Gallop or her co-workers in the Pentagon, and the jet was not intercepted. (See articles in the Journalof911Studies.com )  Over 100 died in the Pentagon disaster. April suffered physical injury from the blast and has filed a lawsuit charging Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers and others.

She deserves to be heard. But her case has been dismissed by Judge Denny Chin of United States District Court for Southern District of New York and is now in appeal status before the Circuit Court in Connecticut. Can we do SOMETHING to help April Gallop in her quest for justice and a fair hearing?

Four Stories This Week Prove that the War On Terror Is a Farce


Executive Summary: Two members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 'dis America's hyper-aggressive imperialism ... Newly-leaked documents show that innocent people were thrown into Gitmo because they wore Casio watches or were Al Jazeera reporters … Al Qaeda assassin worked for MI6 … And – yes – the Iraq war was for oil.

Four stories from the last week confirm what many have been saying for years: the war on terror is a farce.

Military Brass Say Imperial Wars of Aggression are Hurting America

I've said for years that the war on terror is weakening America.

I've pointed out that experts say that the Iraq war has increased the threat of terrorism. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.