July 2011

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9/11 Lawsuits Seek Answers Through Litigation

Flashback: 2 years ago, on June 29th 2009, The U.S. Supreme Court let a ruling stand regarding 9/11 lawsuits and Saudi Arabia. Reuters reported:

…Saudi Arabia, four of its princes and other Saudi entities cannot be held liable for the September 11, 2001, hijacked plane attacks in the United States.

The justices refused to review the ruling by a U.S. appeals court in New York that the Saudi defendants were protected by sovereign immunity in the lawsuit brought by victims of the attacks and their families.

The appeals court had upheld a lower court’s dismissal of the lawsuit claiming Saudi Arabia, four princes, a Saudi charity and a Saudi banker provided material support to al Qaeda before the September 11 attacks.

The victims and their families argued that because the defendants gave money to Muslim charities that in turn gave money to al Qaeda, they should be held responsible for helping to finance the attacks.

Army Col. Larry Wilkerson on Colin, GW, Dick and Rummy

Continuing his candid analysis of the takeover of the American armed forces by NeoCon lunatics, retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson had this to say:

".. later when I joined Powell at the State Department and see Bush-Cheney up close, Rumsfeld up close, that I begin to understand that indeed we have turned into a national security state. We do function for that national security state, for its interest, and the old federal democratic Republic is dying."

More like the armed forces are killing the Republic for the Globalist Bankster parasites.


Debt-damned economics: learn monetary reform or kiss your assets goodbye. 2 of 2

hyperlinks live at source: http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/debt-damned-economics-you-must-learn-monetary-policy-let-me-teach-you-2-of-2

There are five topics to understand for civic competence in creating and managing money. The first four are standard to economics curriculum; the last is rational analysis. The first three topics are in the first part of the article; this has the final two:

Money and bank credit.
Fractional reserve banking.
Debt (public and private) and money supply.
Historical struggle between government-issued money and private bank-issued credit.
Cost-benefit analysis for monetary reform in your world of the present.

Conspiracies By Paul Craig Roberts July 03, 2011 "Information Clearing House"



By Paul Craig Roberts

July 03, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- In a June column, I concluded that “conspiracy theory” is a term applied to any fact, analysis, or truth that is politically, ideologically, or emotionally unacceptable. This column is about how common real conspiracies are. Every happening cannot be explained by a conspiracy, but conspiracies are common everyday events. Therefore, it is paradoxical that “conspiracy theory” has become a synonym for “unbelievable.”

Conspiracies are commonly used in order to advance agendas. In the July issue of American Rifleman, a National Rifle Association publication, the organization’s executive vice president, Wayne Lapierre reports on a congressional investigation led by Senator Charles Grassley and Representative Darrell Issa of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and Department of Justice conspiracy to further gun control measures by smuggling guns across the border to Mexican criminals and blaming it on American firearm sellers.

Lapierre writes:

9/11 Zadroga Health Care Law Goes Into Effect


It took years of lobbying and partisan bickering, but the 9/11 Zadroga Act to help ailing Ground Zero responders finally took effect today.

The law provides $4.3 billion in guaranteed federal funding to cover health costs and financial compensation for emergency responders, recovery workers, volunteers, and residents who were affected by the attacks almost 10 years ago.

Advocates celebrated with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting against a backdrop of Star Spangled Banners at Mount Sinai’s 9/11 health clinic this morning.

National and city pols were also on hand, including Mayor Bloomberg, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and U.S. Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Charlie Rangel, and Carolyn Maloney.


Second biggest blog in New Zealand rubbishes Ed Asner about 911

Trevor Laudon is a right wing politician and thinks that asking questions about the events of 911 makes you an American hater!
He runs the second biggest blog in New Zealand and what is said on that blog has impact.

Here he rubbishes Ed Asner and he feels that if we have so much proof we should take it to court.

I invite you cordially to enlighten him about the efforts done to get it into court and other things you might want to tell him about that fateful day:

Fake terror, real sentence: FBI inspiration for 25 years in jail RussiaToday on Jul 3, 2011

Fake terror, real sentence: FBI inspiration for 25 years in jail


RussiaToday on Jul 3, 2011

Could You Be the 100th Monkey?

Hello friends. As I trust you are aware, the 9/11 Truth Movement and our demand for a new credible investigation of the events of 9/11/01 is growing by leaps and bounds! This mailing contains a wide array of reliable resources for understanding 9/11/01 and expanding your 9/11 Truth Activism. You may wish to file this mailing and digest it in small bites. However, I can also resend this mailing to you at any time upon request.

The 1,500 (and growing) Architects, Engineers and Licensed Building Professionals of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (www.ae911Truth.org) have thoroughly debunked the pseudo-science of the sham formal 9/11/01 “investigative” bodies. You are invited at their site to participate as a professional member, or simply as a concerned citizen. Introducing your friends and family to the work of AE911Truth is an effective and credible strategy for disseminating 9/11 Truth! Also, here is a link to a brief (3 Min) video that details the multiplicity of additional professional associations in which you have the opportunity to participate as a 9/11 Truth Activist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDnhBIuNzSU&feature=related .

Army Col. Larry Wilkerson Grows A Conscience

"...essentially we were hypocrites in front of the 9/11 Commission..."

Many very interesting revelations in this interview.


Here's the article he mentions from the May 2011 issue of PROCEEDINGS Magazine

Return To The American Way of War


9/11 Speakers Corner "Pro Life Activist speaks on 9/11 Truth & Retribution

Saturday July 2, 2011: 9-11 Petition Drive Edmonton- Add 9 more signatures ( 516 Edmonton Total ) 9-11 Speakers Corner Pro-Life Activist Jonathan shares with 9/11 Truth Activist Doug his thoughts on the wars of 9/11 retribution in Afghanistan and 9/11 truth.


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