September 2011

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British Footballer Under Investigation for 9/11 Comments. Nathan Eccleston has over 39,000 followers on his Twitter account.

British Footballer Under Investigation for 9/11 Comments. The Liverpool Football Club says it will investigate Nathan Eccleston for comments the athlete made about the September 11 attacks. Eccleston is a striker for the Liverpool team and has over 39,000 followers on his Twitter account.

BBC: Liverpool to investigate 9/11 tweet from Nathan Eccleston

14 September 2011 13:03 UK

Nathan Eccleston Eccleston (left) made his Liverpool debut against Arsenal in October 2009

Liverpool are investigating striker Nathan Eccleston for comments on Twitter that suggested the 11 September attacks were not the work of terrorists.

A tweet that has since been taken down said: "I ain't going to say attack don't let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it. #OTIS."

Laurie Manwell at the Toronto Hearings: SCADs and Psychological Resistance to Alternative Accounts

Laurie Manwell: SCADs and Psychological Resistance to Alternative Accounts

The Toronto Hearings were held at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, during the 10th anniversary weekend of 9/11.

More videos from the Toronto Hearings here:

Breaking News re- Flight Swissair Flight 111 - " incendiary device may have been planted "

Edmonton Journal - Sept 15 , 2011

More than a decade after Swissair Flight 111 crashed into the waters off Peggy’s Cove, N.S., new questions have surfaced over what actually caused the plane to go down and how the investigation was conducted.

Tom Juby, a veteran RCMP forensic investigator assigned to the probe, said he uncovered evidence early on that suggested an incendiary device may have been planted on the plane but that he was prevented by his superiors from following up fully on the evidence and was even directed to alter his notes.

After trying for the past several years to get senior RCMP officials to re-examine the case, he said he decided to go public.

“My opinion is it was extremely suspicious and we should’ve continued testing,” Juby, now retired, said Wednesday in a phone interview. “I was shut down.”

Juby is scheduled to appear Friday in a documentary about the Swissair crash on the CBC’s The Fifth Estate.

Zelikow laments the monster he helped create

Philip Zelikow, the executive director of the 9-11 Commission who is credited by some commentators with creating a detailed outline of the commission's report before the data were in, seems to think that too much antiterrorist momentum has built up in Washington, and that the train needs to slow down in some respects. In a five-minute video interview with a staff member of the foreign policy magazine "Foreign Affairs" (, Zelikow indicated that the bureaucracy put into place after 9-11 by Washington to deal with the [practically nonexistent] "terrorist" threat ought to change policy direction, but is resistant to doing so.

Zelikow patted himself and the commission on the back for what he deemed the commission's successes. "The country is safer than it was," Zelikow claimed. He crowed loudly at the balance that has been struck between civil liberties and security, saying the worst blow to freedom would be another "terrorist" attack like the one on 9-11.

According to the interview, Zelikow has recently authored an update to the 9-11 Commission Report, and has also posted an article with similar content for "Foreign Affairs."

Paul Craig Roberts Nails 911 Truth Critics

Paul Craig Roberts provides another well written defense of 911 Truth.

Entitled "9/11 Truth Critics: Do They Have A Case?", Roberts column is largely in response to Alexander's recent insipid nonsense - The 9/11 Conspiracists: Vindicated After All These Years?.

Roberts starts out:

"The short answer to the question in the title is no.
The 9/11 truth critics have nothing but ad hominem arguments."

Highly recommended reading.

The September 11 Orgie By Michael Parenti September 14, 2011

The September 11 Orgie

By Michael Parenti

September 14, 2011 - -For more than a week--and extending into September 12 and probably continuing a while longer-- the media have saturated the airwaves with 9/11 stories including sad tragic tales of friends of people who knew relatives who were lost or affected in some way by the terrible attacks of ten years ago. We kept hearing how we as a people and a nation "were never the same after 9/11." (So might as well go bomb Afghanistan for ten years and destroy Iraq and now Libya.)

Again and again we heard "What were you doing when you first heard the news?" "How did it make you feel to confront such a loss? "Do you still grieve for him or have you achieved closure?" "And what of that generation that was too young to remember 9/11? What are they thinking now?" and on and on, all day, all week.

Evidence of insider trading before September 11th

By: Paul Zarembka
Source: ITHP

This report addresses evidence of insider trading before September 11th, sometimes referred to by a broader phrase, informed trading. Insider trading refers to using private
knowledge of an anticipated event in order to profit financially by engaging in financial market transactions. In the first weeks after September 11, 2001 a number of financial publications called attention to substantial insider trading in put-options occurring before the attacks. Some of these early examples have been surveyed in Zarembka (2008, pp. 64-66, 69-71), while this book chapter also commented on certain exaggerations (e.g., an incorrect doubling of the put-option volumes). Quickly, commentary died out.

“The Truth Has No Expiration Date” Richard Gage and Luke Rudkowski

Luke Rudkowski runs into Richard Gage AIA, during the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and asks him where do we go from here.

9/11 Decade of Lies Anniversary and Actions in Daytona Beach

We Are Change, Florida and the Central Florida Chapter of Veterans For Peace were successful in promoting awareness of 9/11 Truth and how the consequences of the 9/11 pretext for war is creating a permanent war economy.
People came in off the street to talk about 9/11, including active duty military personnel.

This two day effort distributed over 1,000 DVD's and resulted in $300.00 collected for the injured 9/11 Responders and  Feel Good Foundation.

The New AE911Truth DVD 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out was screened both days to receptive audiences at Steve's Famous Diner in Daytona Beach.

Has the "War on Terror" destroyed the economy?

The immense costs of the "War on Terror" has been presented as an argument against the fact-based conclusion, that 9/11 was a work from inside the USA. The question of such critiques is: "Why should the USA destabilize its own economy?" (Discussion in KPFA, "911´s footprint", time-index 36:45 and 51:25).

This blog-entry will focus on reasons, why the "War on Terror" actual helps the economy and asks, who benefits from the attacks.

1. Without creditors - no economic growth