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i have been amazed at the support this site has received in so many different ways.. first, donations have reached ~$350. second, this site has been mentioned all over the web. i wanted to give a very heartfelt thankyou for all those who have donated and to those who have helped spread word of this blog over the last week or two..

starting tommorrow (assuming my ads are accepted) will be running ads spreading the word of David Ray Griffin's recent appearance on CSPAN, and its upcoming replay on BookTV.. the following ad will link directly to the topic 'Proper Release of Griffin in Madison':

Article on Alex Jones and his comments just prior to 9/11

The Real Origins Of The 9/11 Truth Movement

He was talking about how the government were about to carry out an act of terrorism to bolster the construction of a police state and a new world order.

Alex dubbed his campaign 'Expose the Government Terrorists' and urged his listeners to call the White House and tell them to call off the operation.

He gave out White House switchboard numbers on his radio and television show on a daily basis.

On his television show Alex elaborated on the fact that the Globalists were about to use their asset Osama bin Laden to attack New York. Alex is not psychic. He did not have a crystal ball. He was able to make the call because he could see the conditioning in the media. Bin laden is a threat, bin Laden will attack. When bin Laden attacks, give up your rights.

Indira Singh Radio Interview

just got a heads up about an interview with Indira Singh from 4/27/2005.. if your not familiar with Indira Singh do yourself a favor and research her and her knowledge on PTECH.. you can find her segment from the '9/11 Citizens Commission on 9/11' panel here.

you can find her interview and a bunch of interviews with other 9/11 related researchers on this site:
Guns and Butter Archives

i am listening to it now.. she talks about being a rescue worker on 9/11 as well as PTECH.. check it out.

Update on Pentagon Camera FOIA Lawsuit

i see that has updated their site..

i have posted the DOJ/FBI's 4 page response the lawsuit, and subsequent 2 page court order from the judge. basically, we're waiting until june 21st for the next round.

lets hope that his hard work will eventually pay off.. surely at least one tape from one of the many cameras which caught the pentagon attack could be released to the public right?

Evening Links for the Night Owls + Open Thread

Endless Iraq occupation: how many lives per gallon?

For far too long we've allowed a crass manipulation of the 9/11 attack, combined with false patriotism and our own craven unwillingness to challenge what we know to be terribly wrong, to keep us quiet. Our silence has enabled and facilitated an awful human catastrophe.

this article is a scathing attack on the bush administration.. while it is not focused on 9/11, I found the small quote above to be worth noting.. i also found its comments to the media to be quite on point as well.. 9/11 has been used to justify anything and everything, lets not drag 9/11 through the mud like that..

Show off your art skillz

Carol Brouillet from emailed me this evening asking that i remind everyone about their ongoing 9/11 related art contest.. you can find out more info by clicking on the banner below..

more info from

contest ends july 1st, so get to work and show off your mad art skillz.

Karl Schwarz RBNLive Interview Online

you can download a copy of today's National Intel Report interview with Karl Schwarz from

here is the link: (May 2nd, 2005)

here are some pics from the interview today..

Karl Schwarz Interview Karl Schwarz Interview Karl Schwarz Interview Karl Schwarz Interview Karl Schwarz Interview

Karl Schwarz Running for President

i got a call about this this morning as a sort of heads up.. i did not hear his interview yet from today, but i assume it goes into more detail on the subject.. i will post about his interview today once i get my hands on it..

Karl W.B. Schwarz Announcing Bid For 2008 U.S. Presidency

Schwarz authored the recently published book, "One Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas", which details example after example of lies and deceit perpetrated on the American people by the Bush-Cheney administration He will run as a candidate for the American Independent Party. Based on the disappointing performance, soaring deficits and the extreme right-wing agenda set forth by the Bush team, Americans are ready for true change. Bush's dropping approval ratings evidence growing unrest within his own party. A groundswell of political organizing from both sides of the aisle is underway to form and certify this party in all 50 states in time to address the 2006 and 2008 elections on a national and state level.

David Ray Griffin's Madison Speech to be Rebroadcast

The David Ray Griffin speech that is getting all the attention right now is going to be rebroadcast on May 7th at 2:30pm EST.. you can see it on the upcoming BookTV schedule..

if you missed it the first time and cant download large video files be sure to catch this rerun!