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Steve Hammons Voices 9/11 Suspicions

'Intelligence failures' prior to 9/11, Iraq war: Planned strategies?

Inquiries by the 9/11 Commission and the Senate Intelligence Committee into “intelligence failures” have blamed intelligence officers and intelligence agencies.

Some former CIA officers and others have expressed concerns that the commission’s and the committee’s investigations of so-called intelligence failures before 9/11 and before the Iraq invasion seemed to make scapegoats of dedicated intelligence professionals.

New 9/11 Video - WTC Demolition Set to Bach

This 10 minute video focusing on demolition is of great quality and very striking. Definitely spread this around, don't keep it to yourself.

Indicted Libby Assigned Same Judge Who Denied Sibel Edmonds has reported some very disturbing information about the judge assigned to Scooter Libby, recently indicted aid to Dick Cheney. Apparently he has been assigned to Judge Reggie Walton, the same judge who handled a case by Sibel Edmonds in July of 2004.

US District Judge for DC Reggie Walton has been assigned the Lewis Libby case. It is noteworthy to point out Walton's past and current links to the Republican Right and to elements in the Bush administration who have covered up important details about 911. Walton was appointed to the DC Superior Court in 1981 by Ronald Reagan. In 1989, he was appointed by George H. W. Bush as the deputy drug czar under Bill Bennett. Walton was reappointed to the DC Superior Court by the senior Bush. George W. Bush nominated Walton to the US District Court for DC in 2001. Walton was the judge who, under pressure from the Justice Department, placed a gag order on former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds and cleared his courtroom of the public and media in Edmonds' hearing in her case against the FBI. Edmonds brought to light important information about how the FBI failed to translate important wiretap intercepts before and after 911.

Oliver Stone shoots Sept. 11 movie in New York, treading on sensitive turf

There are a lot of comments of this movie being "factual" and it portray the evidence "accurately". What is accurate and factual? The official story, or the truth?

The towers won't fall again. Downtown Manhattan streets won't be coated with ash and debris.

Producers of the first Hollywood film about Sept. 11 since the 2001 attacks have begun shooting scenes in the city, but have promised to tread carefully on sensitive ground. The film's director, Oliver Stone, won't film thousands of New Yorkers running terrified through debris-filled streets. Most of the action in the movie will be shot on a Los Angeles sound stage. And although news footage of the attack may be shown in the background, none will show the towers' collapse.

The importance of understanding 9-11

An interview with Eric Hufschmid (3.8 MB video):

Open Thread

Slow 9/11 weekend, got a few things to post tommorrow, what have I missed?

Have at it.

How Does the Israeli Government Tie to 9/11?

Israel - By Paul Thompson
This is basically a run down of all of the Israeli references from Paul Thompson's book The Terror Timeline.

Earlier today, I had a thought. "Where is the Israeli 9/11 Truth Movement"? You would think the people of Israel are aware of the allegations towards their Government regarding 9/11. Aren't they curious as to why? After that thought, I, myself, wanted to see everything regarding Israel and 9/11. Aside from the "Dancing Israelis". So, I picked up Paul's book. I'm posting this so everyone has a clear understanding as to why Israel and 9/11 are often mentioned in the same breath.

Who's really behind 9/11?

Who's really behind 9/11?
52 great points of interest surrounding 9/11 in this article on a new blog.

9/11 was one of the most shocking events ever, any loss of life is tragic and especially in the horrific circumstances that arose on 9/11.

Following the immediate aftermath governments around the world along with the media instantly lay the blame in the mountains of afghanistan, with the Al-Qaida group.

This is all common knowledge, I was disgusted at the attacks. I too believed what I saw on the news. Yet the more you read and the deeper you look at that day, the darker it becomes.

Mujca 1st Anniversary - Event in Madison Tonight

Just got an email from Kevin Barrett about an event tonight (10/29) in Madison, WI.

Check it out:

The Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth will celebrate its first anniversary on Sunday, October 30th--the night author Sander Hicks is coming to Madison (see below for details). That is the holiest day of the Islamic calendar, the 27th of Ramadan--the probable Night of Destiny, when the Qur'an descended to the Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him. On that night last year, US forces began turning the City of Mosques, Fallujah, into Iraq's Guernica. The horror of that event became the painful birth-pangs of MUJCA-NET.

Harriet Miers Accompanied Bush on 9/11?

Why did he give a speech an hour later at a known location?
Why wasn't he picked up and whisked away like Cheney?
Did the Secret Service know he wasn't a target?

If you do a quick search on 'Harriet Miers', or listen to much liberal talk radio right now you will constantly hear the term 'cronyism'. Cronyism is pretty readily visible in the Bush administration, especially when looking at those who were in a position of importance on 9/11. Some quick examples of this include George Tenet from the CIA receiving the medal of honor and Richard Myers becoming the Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of staff, both of which were in positions of power (and failed miserably) before and during 9/11.

The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Make sure you follow this link and sign your name. Remain anonymous if you wish, but the more signatures the better.

Mobilize for November 2, 2005!

Your government, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq, with other countries in their sights. Your government is openly torturing people, and justifying it. Your government puts people in jail on the merest suspicion, refusing them lawyers, and either holding them indefinitely or deporting them in the dead of night.

Former UN Weapons Inspector: Don't Rule Out Staged Government Terror

Ritter says Neo-Cons are embattled, surrounded, could resort to desperate measures to further global domination

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | October 24 2005

Former United Nations weapons inspector and Marine Scott Ritter appeared on The Alex Jones Show and stated that he wouldn't rule out the possibility of the Bush administration staging a terror attack in order to jolt a wavering foreign policy agenda back on track.

Conspiracy Theories

Canadian television discusses the 9/11 conspiracy theories. Download the video here:

A Critical Review of WTC 'No Plane' Theories

Are people still arguing about this?

With the amount of attention that the Pentagon no-plane theories have received, it shouldn't be surprising that some would also make the bizarre claim that no 767s hit the World Trade Center, despite voluminous video and photographic evidence to the contrary. My previous articles dealt with the core of these theories at length. These articles were lengthy, so the purpose of this summary is to provide a somewhat condensed and updated summary for those new to the subject or lacking in the time to delve into the details of the image analysis.

Lawmakers find fault with 9/11 building safety recommendations

The might also want to recommend that owners of high rises prevent the government from placing explosives in the towers and detonating them...

Lawmakers who waited three years for recommendations on how to make high-rises safer were unhappy to learn Wednesday that they will have to keep waiting months, if not years, to see if key changes are adopted.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., said the results of the three-year investigation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology did not offer immediate, practical help to builders.

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Ray McGovern (ex-CIA)

Audio files available. Haven't had a chance to listen to them myself, if you listen to them, please fill us in on the details.

Ray McGovern chronolizes the events of Plamegate.

And he goes further than ever before on the subject of 9-11.

Retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel Has Questions About 9/11

Ten Questions and Answers- An interview with Karen Kwiatkowski

Q. There exists controversy surrounding the events of 9/11/01 both as to cause, responsibility, and American responses. Have you any theories as to who is responsible for 9/11/01 and how American government responded to the attack?

A. I am not sure who is truly responsible for 9-11, or for our ostensible response to it domestically (PATRIOT Act) and internationally (toppling the Afghan and Iraqi governments). Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were publicly blamed for the attack, but I don’t recall that they actually claimed credit – and one would think something that “successful” against the “Great Satan” would be claimed by someone.

Final NIST Report on WTC 'Collapses' Issued Today

Today the NIST released their final findings in the collapses of WTC 1 and 2. Apparently their report on WTC 7 which was initially to be released in December has been pushed back to spring of 2006. It is also worth noting that they plan to make all of the 500+ public comments received during their review period public on their website soon. I hope that will include mine, Jim Hoffman's and a bunch of others who do not find their report to be conclusive or fully encompassing.

Here is the email they sent out today:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) today released the final reports from its building and fire safety investigation into the collapses of the World Trade Center towers following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The reports, which were released at a hearing held by the House Science Committee on the NIST investigation, feature 30 recommendations to improve the way people design, construct, maintain, and use buildings to increase building, occupant, and emergency responder safety.

Bravest fume at FDNY

Where did all the money that was donated for 9/11 relief go??? Why can't the firefighters that can no longer work get a decent pension? This reminds me of how billions of dollars were sent for Katrina relief, and yet all the survivors were crammed into gymnasiums for weeks on end. Why weren't the put up in hotels???

30 to file suit over 9/11 pension woes


Numerous firefighters who survived 9/11 have found themselves trapped in desk jobs - too ill to battle blazes but not sick enough to qualify for disability pensions, the Daily News has learned.

Griffin raises 9/11 questions

There is an option to post some comments at the end of this article. Follow this link and have your say:

This past week, upward of 1,000 people heard David Ray Griffin speak in four cities throughout Vermont on the unanswered questions about the disaster on Sept. 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center. These are questions still being brought forth by the family members of the victims who died in the twin towers.

Urge Fitzgerald To Expand Investigation To Include 9/11

Another action item for those that are interested. A sample letter is available for this as well by following the link:

New York Congressman Nadler has called on the CIA-leak prosecutor to expand his investigation to include deception regarding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Now is a great time to urge Nadler to also request an investigation into 9/11. Below is a suggested letter -- feel free to customize it to make it your own! We invite you to fax it to Congressman Nadler so that it gets his attention.

Find additional Congressional fax numbers here:

CAMPAIGN: New York Times And 9/11

Here's an action item here we can all help out with. Every letter helps, so if you can, take a couple minutes and send one out. A sample letter which you can send can be found by following this link to the article:

Join the nationwide campaign to pressure the New York Times to print the truth about 9/11 NOW. The Times is under fire for letting Judith Miller work as a member of the White House Iraq Group to spread disinformation, and then covering up Miller's role and refusing to fire her. It has become obvious to fair-minded observers that the Times has been part of the Iraq disinformation campaign.

Icelandic Green-Left Party Demands International Inquiry on 9/11

Thanks to Jon Gold at for the heads up on this one:

From: Elias Davidsson
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 17:27:45 +0000
Subject: Good news

Dear friends,

I have good news to announce.

The Biannual Congress of the Icelandic Green-Left Party just closed. About 400 delegates attended. The Congress passed a resolution on 9/11. It was passed by the General Assembly of the Congress by acclamation, without opposing votes. I urge you to disseminate it to Green and Leftist organisations and parties wherever possible, as well as within the 911 movement.

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead And Buried: Multan Newspaper

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead And Buried: Multan Newspaper

A Pakistani newspaper Ausaf published from Multan has reported that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden died four months ago in a village near Kandahar of severe illness.

According to the newspaper report, Bin Laden was campaigning at Bamiyan, fell very ill, returned to Kandahar where he died and was buried in the Shada graveyard in the shadow of a mountain.

The controversy continues to surround Osama bin Laden and while US and Pakistan officials have often been quoted by the media as saying that his mortal status was just a matter of detail, the hunt is still on and the issue remains a topic of great interest for the media and governments alike.