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Open Thread

So what's going on today peoples?

Gerald Posner on the Daily Show Last Night

Last night Gerald Posner was on the Daily Show discussing bin-laden/bush/911 ties.. specifically the 4 mysterious deaths surrounding the Saudi royal family..

here is a summary:
Footnotes for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Reference to Abu Zubaydah. According to Gerald L. Posner in his book Why America Slept: The Reasons Behind Our Failure to Prevent 9/11, al-Qaeda associate Abu Zubaydah told interrogators in 2002 that Osama Bin Laden had struck deals with Saudi leaders including Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz and that some Saudi leaders had known in advance that there would be some kind of a major attack against the United States on September 11.

Site Update: New 9/11 Quotes Panel

i just added a panel on the left labeled 'Random 9/11 Quote'.. i just got done setting it up and could use some help in gathering good 9/11 related quotes.. you can submit new quotes to add by emailing me at

these quotes can have hyperlinks, so please keep that in mind, and be sure to send in the origional reference as well.. also, anyone who wants to have this same random quote panel on their site, just let me know :)

any and all help is appreciated!

The Downing Street Memo and 9/11

most of you have probably heard of this memo a few weeks ago.. if you haven't signed the petition to investigate this memo please go do so immediately here.. you can find more background on the subject on

i think alot of different groups are hoping this might gain enough momentum for an impeachment, and in turn bring to light alot of lies and corruption, including that tied with 9/11..

here is an article on this same subject:
9/11 CitizensWatch Joins Downing Street Coalition

Spreading 9/11 Information through Letters to the Editor

The Idaho Statesman - Letters to the Editor

Save our democracy

Go immediately to and read and listen to Christian theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin's speech delivered to the University of Wisconsin at Madison on April 18 and broadcast several times by C-SPAN. Dr. Griffin discusses the Bush administration's control by ultra-right Christian fundamentalists, the push for a militaristic and economic American empire controlling the world and its resources, and the 9/11 conspiracy and coverup. The information will rock you to your core.

Live Webcast of 9/11 Euro-Tour Coming Up

Please watch the upcoming live web broadcast of our 'Reopen the 9/11 Investigation' tour. Thus far, the European tour has been a great success. We’ve been told by many that the information given is the most thorough accounting of the 9/11 attacks to date.

The 9/11 Events will be presented in Vienna, Austria, at the Austria Center (und Konferenzzentrum Wien,) June 1-3, at 7 p.m. local time.

Mark your calendars for our live web cast!

Forum: Wednesday June 1st, 7 p.m. live, Vienna time; 10 a.m. Pacific Time; and 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Forum/Presentations: Thursday 2nd, 7 p.m. live, Vienna time; 10 a.m. Pacific Time; 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

9/11 Related Poll

got an email about a 9/11 related poll.. feel free to go vote:

Lee Hamilton on CSPAN Video Clip

Lee Hamilton was on CSPAN the other day.. apparently a few callers tried to ask about David Ray Griffin's recent speech, the wargames, WTC7, and a few other topics.. you can find the clip in CSPAN's archive here:

if anyone knows a way to grab this and convert it to another format please let me know!

EDIT: further followup with short video clips of incoming callers can be found he

9/11 CitizensWatch Joins Alliance Seeking Inquiry into Possible High Crimes

9/11 CitizensWatch Joins Alliance Seeking Inquiry into Possible High Crimes

"Any Inquiry on the Hill must broaden to examine the campaign of deceit around 9/11, Abu Grahib, and depleted uranium as well as the now obvious duplicity in their selling of the war on Iraq," said, Kyle F. Hence, co-founder of CitizensWatch. "If the nation has learned anything in the past three years, it is that the Iraq invasion and occupation were in planning since the earliest days of this administration yet would have been politically impossible without the 9/11 attacks. It is worthwhile to isolate and document particular lies in the run-up to the war, but it is now far more critical to address the overall plan that needed a 9/11 to succeed and the pattern of deceit that ensued. The prima facie evidence for this administration's criminal wrongdoing is currently overwhelming and a broad congressional inquiry is certainly long overdue."