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Kyle Hence & John Judge, co-founders of 9/11 CitizensWatch, hold a press conference to critique this week's final hearing of the National September 11 Commission. Victims' families, journalists and government employees are represented among the participants.

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6/18/2004: WASHINGTON, DC: 1 hr.

John Judge & Kyle Hence, co-founders of 9/11 CitizensWatch, hold a press conference to discuss the final report of the Sept. 11 Commission.

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Fateh Kamel: Seeding the evidentiary trail for the next 9/11?

Is a crucial "terror" figure in the pre-9/11 propaganda campaign being pre-positioned in Canada for use as a propaganda tool after a post-9/11 attack? Back in October 2003, I posted an article in which I noted the key importance of the December 1999 arrest of Ahmed Ressam in establishing a crucial evidentiary trail that would later be used most effectively in linking al-Qaida to the attack on September 11.
Put quite simply, the "bait" of Fateh Kamel was absolutely crucial in laying down the evidentiary trail that eventually linked Ressam to the al-Qaida organization. This link, in turn, was one of the main planks used almost immediately after 9/11 in casting bin Laden as the central suspect for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Letter from Steve Moyer

Anyone in the Vermont area, here's a candidate worth checking out. His website actually states that he believes there was a conspiracy to invade and occupy Iraq. The fact that he's willing to use that word shows he has some courage. Unfortunately, from what I've read, he does not believe the democrats share in any of the blame.

Hello. I'm a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Vermont and
I support the truth about 9-11 and everything else that's
gone on in our Republican-dominated government.

Let's speak the truth to each other. Any chairman of any
committee in Congress could launch an investigation into

A Valuable New Tool - Google Print

Google launched their book search engine this week. From what I have read they are scanning an average of 5,000 books a day, all of which are fully available online.

This new search tool is probably a bigger deal than most will initially recognize. While websites contain massive amounts of content, hundreds of thousands of online books will thicken out the detailed reference materials for researchers.

In any event, go check out Google Print now, and post anything snazzy which you come across. You will probably be amazed at the new amount of 9/11 related materials at our fingertips.

Transcripts from Cynthia McKinney's 9/11 Congresional Hearings

Got an email today from Allan letting me know that he had transcribed several speakers from the 9/11 Congressional Briefing held on July 22nd by Cynthia McKinney.

Here are the speakers' sections he has transcribed so far:
Cynthia McKinney
Lorie Van Auken
Anne Norton
Mel Goodman
Peter Dale Scott (global research)

Recent Foreign Press About 9/11 Mysteries

Burried Truths: The Big Issue in Scotland - Street News Service

Four years on from the attacks of 9/11, cracks are beginning to appear in the ‘official’ version of events. A growing movement, backed by respected thinkers and political figures, is demanding an independent public enquiry into what really happened.

‘The most unbelievable of all the possible conspiracy theories about 9/11 is the official one about Osama bin Laden and 19 fanatic Muslim hijackers taking the government of the United States completely by surprise and getting ‘lucky’.”Robert M Bowman doesn’t mince his words.

We Don’t Need Them

9/11 isn't mentioned once in this article, yet it has everything to do with what we are trying to do:

I’ve never understood the idea of speaking truth to power. The truth, surely, is that in almost all countries of the world, political and economic systems are designed to benefit only the rich and powerful, at the expense of those with less money and power. This is how the world works, and I see no reason to think that the powerful don’t already understand that. After all, they designed it; they maintain it.

Drunken firefighter crashes stolen truck into movie set

Due to the long term lung damage the firefighters have been enduring, have they finally reached their breaking point?

A drunken probationary firefighter who is a Harvard University graduate stole a delivery truck Friday morning and crashed it into an idle movie set in Chelsea where Oliver Stone's Sept. 11 film is being shot, police and sources said.

Fire Starts at Petronas Towers in Malaysia

Yet another example of how fire does not cause steel framed high rises to disintegrate:

Fire in a movie complex in Malaysia's iconic Petronas Twin Towers late Friday night triggered panic among patrons who fled screaming and coughing in the thick, acrid smoke, witnesses said. There were no reports of injuries.
The glass-and-steel Petronas Twin Towers, once the world's tallest before being upstaged by a building in Taiwan, are located in downtown Kuala Lumpur and are Malaysia's most famous landmark, symbolizing the country's economic progress.

May 2001 - The National Energy Policy Development Group

Thanks to Gold at for this info:

Actual Document:

By Michael Ruppert

This secret task force, which fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keeps its records and deliberations secret from the public, is for me the place where the deepest darkest secrets of both the September 11th attacks and government's awareness of Peak Oil lie buried. The task force convened just as the first 20 out of 25 wells drilled in the Caspian Basin came up dry holes. In "Crossing the Rubicon" I discuss the meager seven pages of NEPDG records released after lawsuits which confirm the group's obsession, not with oil discovery, conservation (economic stagnation) or energy substitutes, but with where the known oil was, who owned it and apparently who had to be dealt with to get it. The public report of the NEPDG told us, just four months before the 9/11 attacks:

Bin Laden Staying Quiet; Experts Remain Wary

Although this is an "alternative" 9/11 news blog, some statements in this article are perfect examples of the propaganda we've all been subjected to since 9/11 that, oddly enough, seem to coincide with the drops in Bush's approval ratings.,2933,174635,00.html

Usama bin Laden has been publicly silent for the longest period since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The question for U.S. intelligence: What, if anything, does it mean?
"This is the first time things have changed in years. Messages have generally come in a consistent pattern, and now they are not," Venzke said. "It is likely that these changes in messaging by Al Qaeda (search) are the result of planning and a P.R. strategy, as opposed to their computer broke."

Logic, data connect U.S. to 9/11

Excellent article, using logic and common sense!!! Make sure you follow the link and read the whole article.

“I can state: The planning of the attacks was technically and organizationally a master achievement. To hijack four huge airplanes within a few minutes and within one hour, to drive them into their targets, with complicated flight maneuvers! This is unthinkable, without years-long support from secret apparatuses of the state and industry.”

Is it OK to criticize "Truth Seekers"?

Another interesting read by Eric:

Are we dividing and destroying the 9-11 movement?

Or are we cleaning our house of trash?

by Eric Hufschmid
3 Nov 2005

Dividing or Cleaning?
Insults are bad;
exposing crime is good

It is true that when members of a group fight among themselves, they become less effective.

However, is also true that a group must clean itself of incompetent leaders and criminals.

Therefore, we need to distinguish between the disruptive fighting that can weaken a group, and the beneficial fighting that cleanses an organization of its incompetence and criminal activity.

911 Eyewitness - Help Find The Truth

You just have to click here for all the proof you need to blow the official story sky high (Flash is required):

Sit back and let the truth be told.

German News Story on 9/11 - Video Download

9/11: Attack or godsend?

Was 9/11 more than just an attack? Could the Bush administration have had anything to gain from the attack? Two prominent European politicians, Michael Meacher and Andreas von Bülow, express their serious doubts about the official version of the 9/11 story.

I could've sworn I posted this link a month or so ago, but after getting a bunch of emails I figured it was worth re-posting as many think this news video is good stuff.

Another Spectacular Bomb Montage

Thanks to RayRayJones for this. Very good, especially the second half of the video that concentrates on witness statements.

Edit: Errors in the video have been corrected, if you have distributed the link to the video, please redistribute.

Ottawa Cements U.S. Hegemony Over Canada - 9/11 The Pretext

As the fourth anniversary of 9/11 approached in the year 2005, many of us were still wondering what precisely happened on that terrifyng day. What is certain, is that the official story, the “party line” emanating from Washington, and faithfully repeated by Ottawa, has been glibly trotted out in the complete absence of any shred of supporting proof, while the overwhelming body of evidence pointing to the tragic events of 9/11 as having been carefully orchestrated by what some consider to be the most powerful people in the world, have been entirely ignored, and those who [attempt to]bring it to light, are either ignored in the cacaphony of hysteria and deception, or are branded “conspiracy theorists”.

9/11 in Historical Perspective: Flawed Assumptions

9/11 in Historical Perspective: Flawed Assumptions - Peter Dale Scott

The American people have been seriously misled about the origins of the al Qaeda movement blamed for the 9/11 attacks, just as they have been seriously misled about the reasons for America’s invasion of Iraq.

The truth is that for at least two decades the United States has engaged in energetic covert programs to secure U.S. control over the Persian Gulf, and also to open up Central Asia for development by U.S. oil companies. Americans were eager to gain access to the petroleum reserves of the Caspian Basin, which at that time were still estimated to be “the largest known reserves of unexploited fuel in the planet.”[1]

Vermont: Thugs assault 9/11 truth activist

What this Truther did takes a lot of courage.

From Greg Nixon via 911TruthAction Oct 30: "Today in Burlington at the town center next to a mall entrance, I held my six foot Sign "WAKE UP AMERICA, OUR REPUBLIC IS DEAD: 9/11 was a black op U.S. military attack." And had my first physical assault from a group of knuckleheads.

I always knew a confrontation was a real possibility, but until it happens….. I didn't realize that this is preferable to being ignored (the usual response) This issue IS powerful and I would expect those paying attention to get emotional.

Deception Gate: We Lied

Front Page of the New York Times (Wishful Thinking):


Author Links 9/11 To TWA Flight 800

Peter Lance’s new book, Cover up: What The Government Is Still Hiding About The War On Terror, links the crash of TWA Flight 800 to 9/11. Lance maintains that Ramzi Yousef who perpetrated the 1993 WTC bombing was responsible for the bombing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. Lance also wonders why the 9/11 Commission’s report does not report that three war games simulations were taking place. Two F-16’s were in the air eight minutes from the 9/11 sites.

The '9/11 Truth Movement' raises questions about 9/11 attacks

Some Americans and people around the world are wondering more about the 9/11 attacks. Questions are being asked, information is surfacing and allegations are being made.

The “9/11 Truth Movement” is a phrase being used to describe a wide range of people and organizations in the U.S. and internationally who are asking these questions and digging up information that appears, on the surface, to be quite serious, if true.

Late Night Grab Bag

Haven't had a grab bag in a while. Got a couple of site updates, and a few links to old and new 9/11 related books. Check it out, make some comments.
Jim Hoffman's has reached version 1.000, which I assume means they have finished their content update in preparation for their upcoming book. You can find a history of what articles have been most recently updated here. It may be worth perusing to see if anything new has been added worth noting.

Vice Chairman of 9/11 Commission to Speak in Lexington

If you're in the Virginia area, and would like to question Lee Hamilton on whether or not the Commission gave a "full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001", stop by Lee Chapel on November 9th. Remember, Mr. Hamilton CHALLENGED us to bring forth evidence.

Thanks to Jon Gold for the heads up.

LEXINGTON, Va., Oct. 31, 2005 - ­ Lee H. Hamilton, vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, is scheduled to discuss fighting terrorism during a public lecture at Lee Chapel on Nov. 9. Carrying 9/11 Related T-Shirts

I got an email a couple of days ago from letting me know they are carrying 9/11 related t-shirts.