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REFLECTIONS AND WARNINGS: An Interview with Aaron Russo New Film Just Announced
Trailer for Alex Jones' REFLECTIONS AND WARNINGS: An Interview with Aaron Russo

Aaron Russo leaves lasting warning about globalist’s dark agenda: NEW FILM BY ALEX JONES

May 13, 2009

Filmmaker and political activist Aaron Russo is still one of the most viewed people online almost two years after his death. Literally tens of millions have watched his final interview with Alex Jones or his legacy political documentary ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ through streaming outlets like You Tube or Google Video alone.

Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama

There is a good article by Pepe Escobar on pipeline politics in Central Asia over at Alternet. I have included below only the excerpt that deals specifically with 9/11; however, the entire piece is a reminder that in terms of global pipeline politics 9/11 had to happen.

Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama
By Pepe Escobar,
Posted on May 13, 2009, Printed on May 13, 2009


[Zelikow] to testify on interrogations

In this article, the AP writer continually refers to Zelikow's memo as if it's a fact; as far as I know, the only evidence of it existing in 2005 is that Zelikow, a completely untrustworthy source, claims he wrote it and circulated it. Perhaps he did. Nowhere does this article claim the AP has already obtained a copy, and they say, "Several members of Congress have asked the Obama administration to search for a copy." Still, it will be interesting to see what he has to say, and how he justifies not resigning, knowing what was going on, and having the opinion that he alleges he did.

Profile: Zelikow

Historian Sheldon Stern found numerous errors in their transcription of JFK tapes, some of which change the context of statements and conversations, despite him being able to clearly understand the words when he reviewed the tapes himself:
May 2000: Future Authors of 9/11 Report Produce John F. Kennedy Book Riddled with Errors

The article quotes Zelikow as saying he "suspect[s]" he gave Rice a copy:

NYCCAN Video 9/11 survivor Janette MacKinlay May 11, 2009

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In this brief video, 9/11 survivor Janette MacKinlay makes an appeal to join New York City Council for Accountability Now in calling for a new investigation into September 11, 2001.

May 11, 2009

Youtube censors US journalist The London Daily News 12 May, 2009

(See also Paul Joseph Watson's report: )

Youtube censors US journalist The London Daily News 12 May, 2009
News Desk

Radio and internet journalist Alex Jones has been censored by the internet giant Youtube with the removal of the "Alex Jones Channel" from the site, causing revulsion across the United States and Europe, in what is increasingly being seen as another example of a "Big Brother" intervention in the democratic process.

Alex Jones best known for his investigative journalism around the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre and his conspiratorial theories describes himself on his website as:

"Syndicated radio journalist and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones has been on the front lines of the growing global information war from ground zero to the occult playgrounds of the power-mad elite."

The "Alex Jones show" on YouTube was attracting around 1 million views a week, and was responsible for the "The Obama Deception" which has clocked 1,897,810 views.

Report: David Ray Griffin & Niels Harrit in Switzerland - May 7th, 2009

From Fred Mann;

On May 7, 2009 Professor David Ray Griffin came to Lucerne Switzerland on his tour through Europe that took him to Paris, Brussels and Madrid, and several other cities for an evening under the motto: “9/11 Time for a second look”.

As a leading figure in the world wide 9/11 truth movement it was an honor to welcome him and listen to his speech, live and in person. At the same time I grabbed the opportunity because of the currentness of the topic and also invited Professor Dr. Niels Harrit to our event, who published together with eight other scientists their paper about nano-thermite that they found in the dust of ground zero. That both respected personalities would inform us in the same evening was a special experience.

Prisoner Who Tied Iraq to Al-Qaeda Found Dead in Libyan Jail

5/10/2009 -

British journalist and historian Andy Worthington, an expert and author on Guantanamo, reports that the man who had supplied a key false tie between Iraq and al-Qaeda --- after being tortured in Egypt, where he had been rendered by the U.S. --- has died in a Libyan prison. "Dead of suicide in his cell," according to a Libyan newspaper....