Justified by 9/11

One of the things I have repeatedly said about 9/11 is that it is sad how EVERYTHING is justified by 9/11, but yet trying to get answers about 9/11 is nearly impossible..

Here are a couple of articles about things that are justified by 9/11, things that without 9/11 would never have happened. Trying to make a list of these things is pretty tough nowadays, but I am sure each of you can think of a few things that would never have happened without being justified by 9/11.

A month after the 'axis of evil:' British foreign secretary Straw says case for Iraq is weak

CooperativeResearch.org Updates With Downing Street Memo References


Events related to the Downing Street Memo controversy.
Several entries and categories have been added or updated that relate to issues raised by Downing Street Memo controversy. Categories: Key events related to DSM, “Decision to invade Iraq,” “Politicization of intelligence,” “Diversion of Resources to Iraq,” “Legal Justification,” “Planning for Postwar Iraq, and Public statements about the decision to invade.

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New Lawsuit Against Silverstein Under RICO and Arson Charges?

This may be an early sign to some big upcoming news. If anyone wants to do some research and post some comments please do!

[Referring to Silverstein's 'pull' comment]
We are now treating Silverstein's admission as proof he had foreknowledge of controlled demolition explosives that were pre-wired into that building PRIOR TO 9/11; hence, his statement to the fire captain constitutes probable cause that Silverstein was a principal in an act of arson. See 18 U.S.C. 1961.

Recording of Last Night's Coast to Coast 9/11 Round Table

Here it is, 3 hours and 54 minutes 5 hours long.. A really insightful, and somewhat argumentative discussion of 9/11 by 4 top dogs in 9/11 research.. You can find further details of this discussion in this topic. Definitely worth checking out!

Hour 1 (13mb MP3)
Hour 2 (13mb MP3)
Hour 3 (13mb MP3)

MiddleEast.org Calls for 'International Media Investigation' into 9/11

9/11 - The Mother of all Hoaxes?

MIDDLEEAST.ORG - Washington - 15 June: MER has never before published this story, this 'conspiracy theory' if you will. Though under much pressure over the years to do so we always held back and never published anything about this 'possibility'...until today that is. But now the fact that a ranking former Bush Administration official, in fact the man who was the top government economist in the Labor Department on 11 September 2001, has now gone public saying 9/11 may have been a historic hoax and the World Trade Towers were 'most likely' destroyed by a 'controlled demolition', causes us to reconsider. This is far too important to simply dismiss at this point. At the least we conclude this story now deserves far more attention that it has gotten in recent days with nearly the entire corporate media focused on Michael Jackson and various frivolities..

Michael Ruppert Weighs in on Recent Reynolds' Comments

This is yet another follow up to this article..

Comment on the Morgan Reynolds "Demolition" Story
Michael Ruppert weighs in on the recent comments by former Bush aide..

While very encouraging, the deeper meanings behind these statements by Morgan Reynolds have yet to be revealed. Reynolds is not an engineer or scientist, and while he is a former Bush Administration official, the practical reality is that these statements are a long, long way from criminal indictments, prosecution, trial and conviction.

Live Blogging Coast to Coast AM 9/11 Round Table

Tonight is the 9-11 Roundtable on Coast to Coast AM. I am going to do my best to 'live blog' the event as it goes on. I invite anyone interested to hang out and post comments as the show goes on. I will be updating in the comments of this thread live as the show goes on, and once a recording is available I will of course post that as well.

EDIT: Recording now available here.

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German TV Show 'Tatort' About 9/11 - Video Downloads

This is a follow up to the previous article on the German TV Show 'Tatort' suggesting 9/11 was done by U.S. intelligence agencies and corporate interests.


Here are the downloads:
Part 1 (27mb WMV)
Part 2 (51mb WMV)

Time for Another Grab Bag!

The Downing Street Memo Hearings Chaired By Representative John Conyers
With all the mention of a 'conspiracy' by the Bush administration I couldn't help but hope that perhaps once people realize there was an intention to mislead Americans about Iraq, that they might begin to question 9/11 as well..

The Sound Of One Hand Slapping

And here's my fascination: for an agency which, before 9/11, appeared clueless that members of al Qaeda were training at flight schools, the FBI inexplicably and immediately knew, upon the attacks, which flight schools al Qaeda members had attended. And this was long before suspects should have been identified.