Michael Ruppert Speech in Portland Online

You can listen to Ruppert's recent speech in Portland on Peak Oil and 9/11 here:
Audio from Mike Ruppert presentation on Peak Oil

thanks to 'viva audioista' from portland.indymedia.org for the recording!

Spitzer Still Not Acting on 9/11 Criminal Investigation Petition

I just came across an article on the petition to Elliot Spitzer, Attorney General of New York, requesting a new grand jury investigation.. justicefor911.org is a site setup for that petition where you can view the petition and sign it.. if you haven't done this already please do so..

NY Attorney General Ignores Citizens' 9/11 Criminal Petition

Eight months after outraged NY citizens demanded a criminal probe into Bush's 9/11 ties, virtually nothing has been done; Citizens now may have to convene their own grand jury in order to get the wheels of justice turning.

Two More 9/11 Related Songs Added!

'Dem Bruce Lee Styles' was nice enough to send in a few 9/11 related tracks this morning, and i must say these tracks are super hot.. be sure to check them out in the 9/11 Related Music Special Feature!

here are the new tracks that were added:
Virtuoso - Fahrenheit 9/11 (feat slaine)
Diabolic - Truth

these are awesome tracks, thanks again to Dem Bruce Lee Styles!

Jim Hoffman Confronts Recent Scientific American Article

Jim Hoffman from wtc7.net has written an article to rebut the recent article from Scientific American..

Hoffman does a GREAT job of rebutting a magazine with the word 'Scientific' in its name with more science than Scientific American could hope to shake a stick at.

so do me a favor.. compare this article from Scientific American (specifically on the subject of the collapse of the WTC towers) with this article from 911research.wtc7.net, and remind me again why the public shouldn't be asking questions? i mean seriously.

Site Updates - New Audio Tracks and More

just added a few things to the site.. thought i would give everyone a heads up..

just added 3 new 9/11 related songs to the 9/11 Related Music Special Feature.. these include 2 tracks by Clarity, and a new Immortal Technique remix by Dem Bruce Lee Styles..

just added 2 new entries into the upcoming events panel.. most notably the Summer Music & 911 Film Festival being put on by 911TruthLA.us on June 12th..

Karl Schwarz Thursday Tele-seminar

just got word of a 'Tele-seminar' by Karl Schwarz tonight.. i am not too familiar with this sort of thing, but i figured i would post it for those intrested..

Thursday, June 2
Time: 10-11 PM Eastern (9 Central, 7 Pacific)
Number: 1 (507) 726-3270 Pass Code 33227#
Hosted By: Jack Allis

2008 Independent Presidential Candidate

With A Winning Formula:
* 9/11 & Iraq Truth
* Stop This War That Is Destroying America
* Throw All The Bums Out Of Office
* Restore Our Consti

Hustler Interviews David Ray Griffin

 .  .  .  . 

Open Thread

So what's going on today peoples?

Gerald Posner on the Daily Show Last Night

Last night Gerald Posner was on the Daily Show discussing bin-laden/bush/911 ties.. specifically the 4 mysterious deaths surrounding the Saudi royal family..

here is a summary:
Footnotes for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Reference to Abu Zubaydah. According to Gerald L. Posner in his book Why America Slept: The Reasons Behind Our Failure to Prevent 9/11, al-Qaeda associate Abu Zubaydah told interrogators in 2002 that Osama Bin Laden had struck deals with Saudi leaders including Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz and that some Saudi leaders had known in advance that there would be some kind of a major attack against the United States on September 11.

Site Update: New 9/11 Quotes Panel

i just added a panel on the left labeled 'Random 9/11 Quote'.. i just got done setting it up and could use some help in gathering good 9/11 related quotes.. you can submit new quotes to add by emailing me at quotes@911blogger.com..

these quotes can have hyperlinks, so please keep that in mind, and be sure to send in the origional reference as well.. also, anyone who wants to have this same random quote panel on their site, just let me know :)

any and all help is appreciated!