New Lengthy Article on the WTC Collapses

I just noticed this link on It is a pretty lengthy write up on the WTC collapse, and was just released today..

Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? - By Morgan Reynolds

To explain the unanticipated free-fall collapses of the twin towers at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, mainstream experts (also see The American Professional Constructor, October 2004, pp. 12–18) offer a three-stage argument: 1) an airplane impact weakened each structure, 2) an intense fire thermally weakened structural components that may have suffered damage to fireproofing materials, causing buckling failures, which, in turn, 3) allowed the upper floors to pancake onto the floors below.

Another Slow Day.. Late Night Grab Bag

What a slow day for alternative 9/11 related news.. I came across a few things though..

Sign On San Diego - 9/11 hijackers operated openly here
This article discusses an FBI asset's connections with 2 high-jackers (Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid al-Midhar), and how they operated in San Diego under the FBI's nose prior to 9/11.. I noticed that Khalid al-Midhar (wikipedia) is one of the high-jackers whose identity is in question, as well as if he is actually still alive or not.. anyone else notice anything worth noting in this article?

Some Article Quotes + Open Thread

I don't see anything major in the news today. I did come across a few random quotes that caught my eye though. Also, this is an open thread so be sure to post anything I might have missed.

Chattanoogan - As The War Goes On

Everyone in America who has swallowed the Bush propaganda that we are fighting a War on Terror, rather than taking advantage of the 9/11 attacks to overthrow other nations and install puppet Democracies, regardless of how much terror and death results, is brain dead.

The Village Voice - Felt's Goon-Squad Past

Late Night Grab Bag

9/11 News Summary - 9/11 news breakthroughs with links to media news articles has a new article discussing the recent media coverage of 9/11 .. I have to agree with them that the heat surrounding 9/11 is starting to pick up, specifically with recent coverage by CSPAN, Hustler Magazine, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, 'BullShit' with Penn & Teller, etc. etc. I would also mention that Air America has been doing a lot of 9/11 discussion lately as well..

Scientific American Takes on the 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts

9/11 Euro-Tour Videos From Berlin and Paris

I just noticed that the people at have posted tour videos from both Berlin and Paris. They are promising more videos to come from other stops in the tour soon.


Spending nearly $4 million in America, Jimmy Walter has launched advertising blitzes in the most prominent newspapers and magazines, including full-page color ads in Business Week, Forbes, Newsweek, the New York Times, Washington Post, Readers Digest, New Yorker, etc., entitled "Are We Safer Now? According to Mr. Walter, The 9/11 Report has been published, but some very troubling questions remain unanswered."

Pakistan News Covers 9/11

A Pakistani leader named 'Qazi Hussain Ahmad' has come out and said that 9/11 was a U.S. conspiracy.. You can read the article here:
Qazi says 9/11 was a planned conspiracy to crush Muslims

you can find more about him and his organization here and here..

thanks to for the heads up!

Some Follow Up Items + Open Thread

I will be out of town for my birthday for the next few days, so I thought I would follow up on some of the newer stuff going on and leave an open thread for people to post anything that happens while I am out.

Following up on Griffin in Hustler, has posted a PDF of the Hustler article which can be found here. They also have a full transcript of the Hustler interview here.

Following up on Griffin on CSPAN, has DVD versions of his appearance available for purchase here for $15.. They are also trying to raise money to ship these DVDs to media figures, you can learn more about donating to their cause here.

Jon Gold Teaches a Class on 9/11

I found this write up by Jon Gold to be quite interesting, humorous, and a good read.. I figured I would share it, perhaps someone should hold this kind of class with our media?

A Lesson In 9/11 Research

Good morning class... today we're going to discuss the events of 9/11. Please take out your copies of "The Terror Timeline", and turn to page 560.

Michael Ruppert Speech in Portland Online

You can listen to Ruppert's recent speech in Portland on Peak Oil and 9/11 here:
Audio from Mike Ruppert presentation on Peak Oil

thanks to 'viva audioista' from for the recording!

Spitzer Still Not Acting on 9/11 Criminal Investigation Petition

I just came across an article on the petition to Elliot Spitzer, Attorney General of New York, requesting a new grand jury investigation.. is a site setup for that petition where you can view the petition and sign it.. if you haven't done this already please do so..

NY Attorney General Ignores Citizens' 9/11 Criminal Petition

Eight months after outraged NY citizens demanded a criminal probe into Bush's 9/11 ties, virtually nothing has been done; Citizens now may have to convene their own grand jury in order to get the wheels of justice turning.