Lee Hamilton on CSPAN Video Clip

Lee Hamilton was on CSPAN the other day.. apparently a few callers tried to ask about David Ray Griffin's recent speech, the wargames, WTC7, and a few other topics.. you can find the clip in CSPAN's archive here:

if anyone knows a way to grab this and convert it to another format please let me know!

EDIT: further followup with short video clips of incoming callers can be found he

9/11 CitizensWatch Joins Alliance Seeking Inquiry into Possible High Crimes

9/11 CitizensWatch Joins Alliance Seeking Inquiry into Possible High Crimes

"Any Inquiry on the Hill must broaden to examine the campaign of deceit around 9/11, Abu Grahib, and depleted uranium as well as the now obvious duplicity in their selling of the war on Iraq," said, Kyle F. Hence, co-founder of CitizensWatch. "If the nation has learned anything in the past three years, it is that the Iraq invasion and occupation were in planning since the earliest days of this administration yet would have been politically impossible without the 9/11 attacks. It is worthwhile to isolate and document particular lies in the run-up to the war, but it is now far more critical to address the overall plan that needed a 9/11 to succeed and the pattern of deceit that ensued. The prima facie evidence for this administration's criminal wrongdoing is currently overwhelming and a broad congressional inquiry is certainly long overdue."

Halftime Report on Jimmy Walter 9/11 Euro-Tour

this article comes thanks to Nico Haupt.. it was written by Webster G. Tarpley and is basically an overview of how the 9/11 tour in Europe has been going.. i can't find the origional article to link to, so here is the entire text:


by Webster G. Tarpley


29 May 2005

The Re-Open 9/11 European Tour organized and publicized by American philanthropist Jimmy Walter – now approaching its halfway mark – has already scored a significant success in moving world public opinion on this issue. The tour, which kicked off in Amsterdam on May 18 and will end in Rome on June 9, takes two international teams of speakers, plus a documentary film program, to eight European cities in seven countries. Among the participants are Canadian television producer and media critic Barrie Zwicker, French activist Thierry Meyssan, the president of the Réseau Voltaire, and leading Dutch 9/11 researcher Daan DeWit, who maintains the daanspeak.com website. Joining them from the US are Twin Towers hero William Rodriguez, filmmaker Penny Little, lawyer Philip Berg (who is suing the Bush administration under the RICO statute), Kennedy assassination author Lisa Pease, 9/11 victim Rachel Hughes, and writers Chris Bollyn, Eric Hufschmidt, and Webster

Saturday Night Grab Bag + Open Thread

911citizenswatch.org has a few new articles tonight.. here they are:

Open Letter: Re: Campaign For More C-Span Coverage
9/11 Citizen's Watch is hoping to get CSPAN to interview David Ray Griffin after their recent interview with Lee Hamilton of the '9/11 Commission'.. apparently some callers asked questions related to Griffin's recent CSPAN appearance and the host was unaware of him.. hopefully they will follow up with an interview with Griffin, keep your fingers crossed.

The Most Complete 9/11 Timeline Even More Complete!

I just noticed that the 9/11 timeline by Paul Thompson on cooperativeresearch.org has been updated, this is great news! this is one of the best resources for any avid 9/11 researcher!

Complete 9/11 Timeline
here is the announcement:

5/26/2005: Update to 9/11 Timeline.
The 9/11 Timeline has been thoroughly updated and overhauled. More than a hundred new entries and pictures have been added, almost all of the original 1400 entries have been changed in some way, and the entries have been reorganized into new themes.

Recent 9/11 Mentions in the Mainstream Media

The Villager - Taking free speech by the bullhorn, they face arrest
this article is about the legality of using bullhorn's at Union Square in NY.. it has some 9/11 related coverage as well.. here is another older related article with the same banner in the background..

here are some quotes:

Open Thread - Post Some Links

post some 9/11 related links.. they dont have to be new, just post those that you find good.. ill kick it off.

Two New 9/11 Related Songs Added

Just added two new tracks to the 9/11 Related Music special feature:

Supa Dubya - Untitled
Sage Francis - Makeshift Patriot

New Article on Whistleblower Mary Schneider

Whistle Blower Says U.S. Officials Aided WTC Hijackers To Remain In Country Illegally Prior To 9/11
This is a new article on whistleblower Mary Schneider (maryschneider.us)..

A woman works 31 years for the federal government, finds out crucial evidence about 9/11and tries to report the bombshell news to her bosses. But instead of being given a medal of honor, she’s immediately fired and told point blank to keep her mouth shut.

She then launches a highly critical web site, providing solid evidence that the Bush administration aided Osama bin Laden’s brother, Khalil, out of the country on September 16, 2001, before he could be questioned, even though top officials knew he had terrorist ties and had funded terrorist organizations abroad.