Random Links and Open Thread

Ex-Officers of Islamic Charity Indicted [tied to Ptech software firm]

also apparently Griffin's speech will be re-aired again soon, I am probably going to do an advertising drive for it on new sites to try to help spread the word.. i may do some sort of funding drive tied with this in the hopes we can break through to more new people..

thanks to 911citizenswatch.org for the heads up!

while this article is primarily focused on iraq it draws a very clear picture and briefly mentions 9/11.. it is a great read..

New and Updated 9/11 Related Websites + Site Updates

there has been some activity related to new or udpated 9/11 related websites.. just wanted to mention them real quick:

  • martiallaw911.info is a new site by Alex Jones.. it is a companion to his recent video of the same name.. the site is VERY well laid out and contains a TON of data all related to his new video.. there is a new preview of his movie as well as TONS of detailed links and information about every minute, and even second, of his video.. definately worth the look, and probably worth referencing if/when you see his new movie.
  • reopen911.org has updated their site.. probably to coincide with their upcoming European Tour
  • 911sites.org is a new site which hopes to create a 9/11 related webring and rating system..

Guardian Unlimited Flexes its Freedom of Press

seeing as how it took the US media 7 days to cover this topic, it is quite an eye opener to see that The Guardian still has some gonads when it comes to covering topics never discussed here in America..

here are 2 great links from them today..

The film US TV networks dare not show
this article focuses on the BBC series called 'The Power of Nightmares' which covers 9/11 and information about the idea of global terrorist rings.. apparently it has been re-edited to be one full length film which will soon be shown at the Cannes Film Festival.. it is a great watch and is available for download here:

Scientific American 9/11 Related Article

thanks to gold over at yourbbsucks.com for getting his hands on the recent 1 page article on 9/11 'conspiracies' by Scientific American..

you can find it on his forum here..

i hate to keep covering articles which bash those that question 9/11, but it is important to know what is being said about those that question 9/11.. this article again follows the common thread of only talk about wild theories and bash them, ignore any solid information on whistleblowers, prior knowledge, unanswered questions, etc. etc.

Further Details on the 9/11 Truth European Tour

I didn't realize how large the European tour by Jimmy Walter from reopen911.org is..

here are a few members who are on this tour:

Barrie Zwicker
Webster Griffin Tarpley
Christopher Bollyn
Eric Hufschmid
Phil Berg
Thierry Meyssan
Jimmy Walter
Jenna Orkin
Christine Whitman

here are the places the tour will visit between May 20th and June 4th:

Berlin, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paris, France
London, UK
Madrid, Spain
Vienna, Austria
Manchester, UK

click here for more information on this tour.. and here for the press release..

Another 9/11 Related MP3 Added

Just added the a remix of Immortal Technique's 'Bin Laden' featuring Chuck D to the Special Feature: 9/11 Related Music topic..

thanks to doogal for the link.

Demand 9/11 Truth From Congress

came across this site today, it has a quick and easy form letter to send to your congressional representative:

Demand 911 Truth From Your State Rep In Congress!

also there is a 20mb video hosted on the link above from Eric Hufschmid which is worth the watch.. if you've watched the Bullshit video you should watch this to get Eric's side of the story..

'New Pearl Harbor' Song Added

Just added the following MP3 to the Special Feature: 9/11 Related Music topic.. it is called 'The New Pearl Harbor' and is by 'John Kellermann'.. check it out!

thanks to Carol from communitycurrency.org!

Penn and Teller's Bullshit 9/11 Coverage

Penn and Teller's show 'Bullshit' covered 'conspiracy theories' in their last episode.. it specifically covered 9/11, the moon landing, and the JFK assassination..

i have made the segment on 9/11 available for download for those interested.. i will say that their coverage focused only on the fringe of 9/11 related 'conspiracies', and did not mention the provable lies and deceptions surrounding the event.. they also did their best to show those that question 9/11 as being assholes, and insensitive, ignoring the fact that some family members and rescue workers are still seeking the truth themselves.

Great Blogger Post from Rigorous Intuition

i just ran across a new post on rigorousintuition.blogspot.com on the subject of 9/11.. he is the same blogger which posted The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11 back in September 2004..

here it is:
The guns of 9/11

There's a lot of wiggle room for informed speculation concerning 9/11, but it should be done on the back end. If it doesn't follow an argument based on tangibles, if it doesn't bring up the rear, there's not much likelihood of it being informed. There's no reason why the case against Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al should be led with hypothetical scenarios, when what we know is already enough to condemn them. Enough happened that is beyond reasonable dispute; we shouldn't let our conjecture about how it happened dominate the argument. Even if it's well-founded.