Upcoming Conferences in the UK

UK 9/11 Conferences
Reopen911.org Events in London and Manchester

London - Savoy Place on Friday 27th May 2005
London - Savoy Place on Friday 3rd June 2005
Manchester Town Hall on Saturday 4th June 2005

if your in the UK and attend these please let me know.. i will add these to the upcoming events section this evening.

9/11 Related Apparel?

just came across a t-shirt site called thoughtpolicy.com which has a 9/11 related t-shirt.. anyone else seen 9/11 related apparel?

sorry for the random topic, but today is a bit slow, send in news if you got it.

An Appeal for 9/11 Truth from David Kubiak

David Kubiak from 911truth.org has an appeal to all those that question this administration to help in the cause of 9/11 Truth..

An Appeal from 9/11 Truth.org

please support 911truth.org any way you can.. thanks to unobserver.com!

Article Discussing New Aspects of the Infamous Bin Laden 'Confession Tape(s)'

Bush, Blair and the Osama Tapes - If the Moon could talk, what would it say?

i tried to hack out peices and parts of this article to quote, but really it is hard to do because there is so much to it.. this article is a great write up of the bin laden 'confession tape(s)'.. something there is so little written about..

be sure to read the whole thing if it peaks your intrest.. thanks to globalresearch.ca for publishing the article!

Random Links + Rumors + Open Thread

Sorry for the lack of posts today.. I've been quite busy today.. so here is a run down of 9/11 stuff for today.. be sure to look through it all as some of it is quite the interesting.

Penn & Teller's show 'Bullshit' will be covering 'conspiracy theories', and specifically references 9/11 related conspiracy theories.. this episode will air May 9th and 10th at 10pm.. they have a short video clip of Eric Hufschmid being interviewed from the peice, and it will definatley be a massive hit peice against him and most likely the entire 9/11 truth movement.. ah well, at least the show is aptly titled..

David Ray Griffin Interviewed on The Charles Goyette Show

David Ray Griffin was interviewed early this morning by Charles Goyette.. you can find out more information about the broadcast here..

i have hosted their recording of the broadcast locally here..

thanks a bunch to The Charles Goyette Show, and to Gary Kohls for this article all about Griffin's CSPAN appeara

Spreading David Ray Griffin CSPAN Rerun Awareness

The awareness of David Ray Griffin's speech re-running on CSPAN's BookTV this saturday is picking up. There are a good number of sites referring to it already.. and even a few referring to my topic here.. I hope that everyone is doing their best to spread the word of the rebroadcast through every medium possible..

about the most mainstream news source mentioning it so far (that i have seen) is buzzflash.com.. we can all help spread the word through a bunch of different ways.. from posting comments on forums and blogs, to emailing webmasters, to emailing prominent media or political figures..

Alex Jones Interview with David Ray Griffin

Alex Jones has posted a recent interview with David Ray Griffin since his appearance on CSPAN.. you can listen to this interview here..

special thanks to prisonplanet.tv for the interview.

EDIT: i have this interview hosted now with permission from prisonplanet.tv.. you can download the radio interview from here

Requesting 9/11 Related Website Links

i have had a few people ask me about the links i have on the right panel.. questions about why i dont have this link, or why i do have that link, etc.

please send in any 9/11 related websites which you think i should have in my 9/11 links section, or any comments about links i already have listed that you think shouldn't be there.

there are tons of 9/11 related websites, what i have linked now is definately an evolving process, so please help out by emailing me your comments!

The Lefts Refusal to Discuss 9/11

Left Denial on 9/11 Turns Irrational

Whatever the reasons are, to me they indicate a deep sickness within both the left and the ultra left. Denial of the irreconcilable contradictions inherent in the "official explanations" for the events of 9/11 works to legitimate the phony "War on Terrorism", based upon utterly false pretexts. The left cannot accept the official story for the events of 9/11 and at the same time mount an effective opposition to the war, let alone act to promote the basic social change essential to human and planetary survival.