Griffin CSPAN Video near completion

Welp, i have ripped a copy of the DVD i got.. i have an 80mb version that is somewhat ready to go.. i am ripping a higher res version now.. unfortunately there is a major issue with the DVD about 5 minutes into the Q/A section.. so once it is posted it will be a 'part 1' until i get another dvd or vhs copy, at which point i will post a 'part 2'.. at least the part 1 will contain through the standing ovation ;)

there are some popping noises in the audio.. so if they sound too bad i may use the mp3 copy of the audio mixed with the video.. in any event, hopefully by late tonight/early tommorrow i will be content in releasing the first part..

Some Random Links for the Evening

Jimmy Walter Starts European Campaign: Re-Open 9/11

LONDON — Jimmy Walter, an American (currently living in Europe), will tour through Europe this fall, starting in Amsterdam and coming to Berlin on May 20 to pount out what he describes as non-truths regarding the investigations of the attacks on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

“Some very disturbing facts were uncovered, which do not seem to fit with the information as provided by the governement,” says Walter, who will be touring with a panel of scientists and journalists who support the investigation.

Ausome new Sibel Info

good lord.. the list of ppl in this article is astounding.. thanks again to for the heads up!

Sibel Edmonds, Other National Security Whistleblowers Form Coalition to Continue the Fight for Reform

The celebrated Sibel Edmonds, in coalition with fellow whistleblowers like Coleen Rowley, John Vincent and Mike German of the FBI, is announcing a new "united front" in the form of a new pressure group, the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC).
Speakers: Sibel Edmonds, Former Language Specialist, FBI

More comments from a Jersey Girl Widow

For a moment, 9/11 widow not alone

But don't blame Breitweiser or the other widows, most of whom were, like her, suburban Republicans before their husbands were killed. What might have trumped the almost inevitable partisanship, what might have stanched the debate, was the publication of a strong and courageous report from the 9/11 commission.

A report that itself spoke a powerful truth to power.

It didn't happen.

p.s. i am going to shutup about the griffin dvd til it is ready.. soon though, i promise.

New Sibel Edmonds Interview + Griffin Update

Campaign coffers profit from 9/11, coke and courts

"Judge Ginsberg said ‘I am asking the plaintiff and her attorneys to stand outside;’ then they had government officers standing at the door to prevent anyone from listening. And after about 25 minutes, they came out and said ‘we have finished questioning the government attorneys and we don’t need you anymore, so you are free to leave,’ " said the crestfallen former translator.

"I cannot be present at my own hearing; and not a single paper was there Thursday to cover the story--even though all of my allegations were supported by the FBI Inspector General’s report and my case involves 9/11 and national security," said Sibel Edmonds.

open thread

welp, the DVD didnt come in today.. so im assuming it will be monday.. unfortunately i will be out of town mon-wed.. i can have someone upload it for me probably, but ive got to figure all that out still..

so here is an open thread, please post any suggestions or links you find worthwhile..

David Ray Griffin related stuff

the audio from the recent appearance by David Ray Griffin was posted tonight by apparently they are working on compressing a recording of it from the local TV station.. you can download that mp3 here..

also, for those of you who are unfamiliar with David Ray Griffin, and his previous appearances, i highly suggest watching his lecture from October 2004, you can download that hour long video here (multiple formats available here)..

David Ray Griffin Madison Talk DVD on the way!?

Just got off the phone with a group that recorded the David Ray Griffin speach up in Madison last week.. since apparently CSPAN has decided not to air the segment this weekend I figured it would make sense to go ahead and get my hands on a copy.

thanks to the help of this group i should have the DVD in my hands tommorrow. i will be ripping this DVD (to the best of my ability) to DiVX as soon as i get it and sharing it on this blog.. anyone with some expertise in this area feel free to send me tips or suggestions.

so in other words, keep your eyes peeled, the David Ray Griffin speech is on its way, even without CSPAN!

New info on Karl Schwarz's upcoming article and 2 links

Well, the rumor mill has it that Karl Schwarz is writing a part 7 to his 'Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble' series, and that in it he proves definitively that the plane which hit the south tower was a 737, not a 767, which in turn proves the government has been lying.

Reading this writeup about Karl Schwarz and his new article just adds to the anticipation for this article's release.. keep your fingers crossed that his research and report live up to the hype!

here is the link and a quote to whet your appetite:

Former RNC Insider and Bush Strategist Says He Has 9/11 'Smoking Gun,' Proving Government Complicity

Not even our officials know what happened on 9/11

Gingrich to retract 9/11 statement
Gingrich agrees to retract statement about terrorists coming from Canada

bah.. does anyone really know anything about 9/11 out there? i mean, do a search on 'pre 9/11', 'post 9/11', 'since 9/11', etc. etc. we all hear 9/11 everyday, its the most popular phrase in the media ever, but noone knows anything about the events and the questions that remain to be answered..

at least gingrich appologized to canada, that really matters.. bah.