Good articles on 9/11 intelligence inaction

It was Thomas Pickard, the former acting FBI director from June 2001 to September 2001 and past recipient of another Presidential Rank Award.

So why would Pickard allow his agency to be run in such a horrible manner during this key time frame? In his April 13, 2004 testimony, he told the commission that after the second briefing about the heightened terrorist threat during the summer of 2001, his boss, Attorney General, John Ashcroft, told him that ”he did not want to hear about these threats anymore”.

Good comments about the independent commission

David Griffin has recently released a book named The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, which I pre-ordered about 2 weeks ago.. he also made a very damning statement against the independent commission's report here:

An investigation is meant to answer questions, the fact that majority of the 400 or so questions proposed by the 9/11 families steering committee were directly ignored, and that it completely ignored WTC7 just goes to show how we can't trust the government (or even the 'free' press) to report to us on the biggest catalyst of our time.

a new adendum video and another 9/11 rant

im not sure how new this video is, but it is obviously since i ordered my copy of 'painful deceptions'.. they have hosted a download site which i have listed before, but will list again:

they have a new adendum which i must say is right on point.. while i dont buy into all of the physical evidence as 100% proof it is definately more proof than provided by the 'independent' investigation.. check out this new adendum, it wraps up the physical proof quite well:
Painful Deceptions Update - 911 Commission Report (WMV 25megs)

video focused on WTC7

this video is a good look into WTC7, and also does a good job framing the lack of an investigation.. although you might have to read ;)

The Collapse of WTC 7.rm

thanks for the heads up on this video barry.

a strong voice speaking from the heart

wow, this video is pretty well encompasing view of whats going on now from 9/11 through today..

this again comes from the link from earlier:

the heart of the corruption

i wanted to give credit to Indira Singh who has been blacklisted for her work trying to expose corporate relations to our government and 9/11..

i highly recomend that if you want to know the deeper information related to 9/11 take a gander at the videos of Indira Singh about Ptech here:

if you have links to download the whole set from the 'The Citizens Commission on 9-11' videos please let me know.. i have the videos, but ill have to research where i found them before..

new 9/11 video in the making..

here is a preview of an upcoming 9/11 video, it does a good job reminding people what was actually said on 9/11.. its weird, if you look back at the footage almost every news anchor said something like 'wow, that looked just like a demolition'.. the firemen said the same thing.. multiple explosions were reported, etc. etc.. since then we have gotten the official story over and over so much that we don't really remember what people first said, first hand accounts, etc. etc.. this is a good preview of what hopefully will be a good video..


i think i just got hit with a massive flu.. this might suck.

here is a link for today:

They hate our policies, not our freedom

funny how a pentagon policy that rails the administration for its handling of this war we are in gets released right before thanksgiving.. i have almost given up on them releasing the rest of the 9/11 report which names people in our government who made mistakes, but who knows christmas is coming up, maybe goss will feel generous.

why doesn't the media care?

one of the things that gets me the most is that americans all said they would never forget 911, then they relied on our media to help them understand it. we randomly heard reports about the 'independent' 9/11 commission, then we all assumed that was that. Now the media has not mentioned 9/11 at all in months (except to justify something) and the american people have compeltely forgot about it.

the 'independent' commission was not very independent, but asside from that, over 400 questions were asked by the family steering comittee.. this comittee faught for months against the bush administraiton to get an investigation opened, and then after it was highly underfunded it changed its purpose from answering these ~400 questions to analyzing how to improve our intelligence agencies. they did not anser even 25% of the 400 questions, in fact they directly ignored almost all of the questions asked, and no one cares.