Austin 9/11 Truth Movie Night - Austin, TX

The Austin Citizens for 9/11 Truth group is sponsoring a Free Event: “Means, Motive, and Opportunity on 9/11”. This event will be hosted by Scholars for 9/11 Truth full-member Davidson Loehr, author of the acclaimed book "America, Fascism + God”. It will feature a showing of the 2005 documentary “Denial Stops Here: From 9/11 to Peak Oil and Beyond”, by 9/11 investigator/author Mike Ruppert, plus other material, with a discussion to follow. Held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin in Howson Hall at 7pm. Saturday, Sept. 9. 4700 Grover. 452-6168.

The focus of this event is to both explore the motives behind the events of 9/11 and to put the subsequent effects on American life since that day in context.