N. Ca. 9/11 Truth Alliance Event - San Francisco, CA

Terrorism Explained: How Governments Use Thugs and Religious Fanatics to "Justify" Endless War -- San Francisco, CA
Time: 9/28/06, 7-9 PM.
Location: 522 Valencia St., 2 blocks west of 16th St. BART station.

Ed Rippy will explain how our political-economic system runs on debt, waste, and war, and thus requires an enemy threatening enough to "justify" endless war, with its huge military budgets and internal police-state tactics. We will trace the historical development of the Wahhabi school of "Islamic" fundamentalists as partners of the Saudi royal family, which in turn is deeply entangled with Washington and Wall St.'s need for oil and currency.

The Wahhabis provided the ideology and the US provided the military training (and the drug-smuggling channels) for the Afghan rebels (against the Soviets), then the Taliban, then al-Qaeda. The White House shut down multiple FBI terrorist investigations {ensuring that the 9/11 attacks succeeded), and continues to protect chosen terrorists. The advanced topic, “Oil and War: Why They Have to Garrison All the Oil" will examine how the US uses OPEC oil for economic warfare through "dollar hegemony."

Sponsored by N. Ca. 9/11 Truth Alliance.