Cui bono? WTC to be screened at the West Chester Film Festival

West Chester Film Festival has accepted Cui bono? WTC for showing in West Chester, PA which is just outside of Philadelphia. The entire festival is October 6-8 and Cui bono? WTC is scheduled for screening on both the 6th and the 7th.

Our little 9/11 truth documentary has some decent legs both on the net and festival circuit lately. We still and always will strongly urge people push this film in any way possible. The short length of Cui bono? WTC (11mins) has proven extremely effective at getting more people to open up to watching an alternative viewpoint. Hopefully in the near future we will no longer worry about the most recent Zogby poll of how many Americans believe there is a 9/11 cover up, it will simply be common knowledge someday soon.

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