Boston Tea Party for 911 Truth - Boston, MA

!n the spirit of the Courageous American Patriots who, on December 16, 1773 said “No!” to the lack of representation and tyranny to which the colonies were subjected By Great Britain by tossing crates of British tea into Boston Harbor, the Boston 9/11 Truth Committee will enact the "9/11 Truth Boston Tea Party" on December 16, 2006, calling upon “All American Sons and Daughters of Liberty to reunite at the birthplace and the birth time of the American Revolution to cast off the tyrannies imposed on the American public and the world justified by the lies and deceit of the official 9/11 Commission Report." In solidarity with the defiance and historic resonance of the 1773 activists, we will be posting 9/11 Truth Proclamations throughout Boston prior to the Tea Party.

Make History! Come to Boston! COME HEAR!

“The Connected-Dots Heard Round the World!” Join 9/11 Truth Patriots from New England as we gather at historic Faneuil Hall to deliver the 9/11 Truth Boston Tea Party Proclamation, to raise the Bill of Rights Flag, to demand an immediate and genuinely independent re-investigation; and to announce the reestablishment in Boston and across the Nation of Elected Citizens Grand Juries by which the pre-Revolutionary War colonists legally threw off the yoke of tyranny. Following the Proclamation, we will proceed to the original Tea Party site. There, national leaders of the 9/11 Truth Movement will declare its proved-false conclusions ‘null and void’ and cast a larger-than-life-size replica of the 9/11 Commission Report into Boston Harbor.

Demand a New Independent 9/11 Investigation!- Demand the Truth!

Event Schedule:

Friday Dec. 15th 2006 7PM
at Boston College - McGuinn Auditorium

Democratic 9/11 Truth 15th Congressional Candidate -
USAF Lt.Col (ret) Dr. Bob Bowman

Former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations.


Film producer of Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime John Albanse

Film Screening and Presentation:
Media Relations: Breaking the Barriers of Conspiracy Theory - And Demanding Accountability from the Media

Saturday Dec. 16th 2006 11:30AM

9:00 -11:00 AM - Pre-Event Passing out of 9/11 Truth Stocking stuffers on Commons and Downtown Crossing

11:30 AM - Gather at FANUEIL HALL to hear, Historical Figure Ethan Allen, and 2006 Election 9/11 Truth Candidates

12 NOON – Reading of The Proclamation by Colonial Citizens of New England

National 9/11 Truth Movement Leaders-
Dr. Bob Bowman - Kevin Barrett - Barbara Honegger

1:00 PM – March to Boston Harbor

2:00- 3:00PM – Press Conference & National 9/11 Truth Speakers

3:00-3:30 PM - Casting of the 9/11 "Omission" Report into Boston Harbor

4:30 - 5:30 PM At the Democracy Center 45 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA

Political 9/11 Truth Candidates:
Bob Bowman (FL-DEM)
Craig Hill, (VT-GP)
Peter White (MA-IND)
Chris Garvey (NY-LIB)
Dennis Morrisseau (VT-IND)
Mary Maxwell (NH-REP)
- Impeachment and 9/11
- Running 9/11 Truth candidates for office

6:00 - 8 PM
At the Democracy Center 45 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA
New England Regional Activist Meet Up and Networking with:

Gabriel Day and Les Jamieson

Boston 911 Truth

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