9/11 Truth Movie Night: "Terrorstorm" + Alex Jones - Austin, TX

9/11Truth Movie Night: November 10

9/11 Wasn't the First Time

The Austin Citizens for 9/11 Truth group is proud to be sponsoring a free event: the Premiere of the new 2006 film “Terrorstom” by radio host, filmmaker and activist Alex Jones.

In addition, this event will be hosted by the filmmaker, Austin’s own Alex Jones. Mr. Jones will be available for a question and answer session following the movie.

This film “Terrorstorm”, lays bare the crime of State-Sponsored False-Flag Terrorism and how governments continue to manufacture fake terrorist horror to garner public support for elective wars of aggression, imperialism and war-profiteering. It is critical that this criminal tactic, which governments have used for centuries against their own citizens to start wars, becomes a commonly held household concept if we are to prevent future, needless bloodshed. This groundbreaking film exposes this phenomenom by detailing specific historical examples and goes a long way toward making government sponsored terrorism common knowledge.

See the film Google Video has been suppressing.

As always, the goal of this evening is to explore the questions concerning 9/11 and the implications for today’s world.

This event will be held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin in The Sanctuary at 7pm, Friday November 10. Donations accepted. 4700 Grover. sclair59@yahoo.com

Please feel free to forward this invitation to everyone (and their guests) who might wish to attend this special event.

Austin Citizens for 9/11 Truth

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