Free acupuncture for 9/11 rescue workers and family

This Friday, Dec, 1st from 6:30PM-9PM CRREW (Community Relief and Rebuilding through Education & Wellness) will be offering ear acupuncture, Feldenkrais, and other modalities at no cost (donations accepted) to Ground Zero workers and friends and all who are affected by the events and aftermath of "9-11-01."

CRREW works in cooperation with STWS - Serving Those Who Serve ( They will be there from 6:30-8:30 with information about their Ayurvedic herbal program available at no cost to Ground Zero workers. at: TRS, 44 E. 32nd St., 11th Floor, Between Park and Madison closest train Number 6 to 33rd st. Not far from the 34th St. Station

Information will also be available about the "9-11 Mental Health Benefit" which covers 32 visits of ear acupuncture to qualifying applicants. Applications must be in by Jan. 2nd, 2007 and services may be received through Dec. 2007. Time is running out and I urge anyone who qualifies to apply.

For more information please contact:
healingcrew@ or leave a message at

CRREW has been offering services around NYC and other locations since 9-11-01. We have been instrumental in starting up many wellness programs in NYC serving those directly affected by 9-11. In addition we have been invited to New Orleans to offer services to search and rescue workers and most recently are part of a team going to Viet Nam.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Wendy Z. Henry, LAc

Wendy Z. Henry, LAc
Acupuncture Mobile Services
CRREW: Community Relief & Rebuilding through Education & Wellness

http://www.9- 11mentalhealth. org/faq-answers. html

The above link explains the "9-11 Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Benefit".

Under this benefit those who qualify are entitled to up to 32 acupuncture visits that must be completed by the end of 2007. The participant must register by the end of 2006 (Jan 2. 5PM to be exact) to qualify for the program.

There is a fair amount of paperwork to be filled out and they will ask that you submit claims to your insurance co. if you have health insurance or provide proof that they do not cover acupuncture for mental health. I do not know of any company that does, unless the person is enrolled in a substance abuse treatment facility. The entire process need not be complete by Jan 2nd but initial application will have to be done before that date.

Everyone with whom the qualifying participant lived with on "9-11-01" also qualifies. You'll need to ask the assigned caseworker for all details.

The acupuncturists in our group are willing to make on-site visits to accommodate groups of people who do not want to travel to the practitioner' s office. The group experience of receiving acupuncture is often a very healing experience. We have seen over the past year how the evenings at TRS and Pier 63 have been very supportive – offering people the acupuncture and a chance to learn about or pick up the herbs from the STWS program. The group acupuncture has brought people together and many maintain contacts and act a support network to this day.

The benefits of acupuncture are many. People have reported improved sleep, more focus, increased sense of calmness, better communication in relationships, less desire to smoke and less desire to drink alcohol, decreased road rage and anger outbursts, less stress – both physical and mental.

Page 2 the 9-11 Mental Health Benefit – the acupuncture option

Using the acupuncture for post-trauma has been so well received in NYC that the "9-11 Mental Health Benefit" includes it in their list of

treatment options. CRREW was invited down to the main staging area in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina to work with the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) to offer their services to all the local and national search and rescue workers and support staff.

CRREW will be presenting at the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation conference in Baltimore (2007) on using the ear acupuncture in addressing issues associated with PTSD.

All of CRREW's acupuncturists are licensed and carry liability insurance. We have a national network. And we have practitioners fluent in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and other languages. Those eligible may receive the services in most states, i.e. if a search and rescue worker lives in Colorado but served the WTC site, they are entitled to the benefit and we can probably locate a practitioner for them.

Wendy Z. Henry, Lac

Community Relief & Rebuilding through Education & Wellness (CRREW)

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