"Terrorstorm" & 9/11 Victim Family Members Speak

TERROR STORM and never before heard 9/11 victims family member speaking on
false flag terrorism.

Come see the ground breaking documentary that exposes governments false
flag terrorism “TERROR STORM” . After the film there will be a speech
given by a victims family member of 9/11/01. This person never spoke out
before and is risking a lot just for the pursuit of truth. Never before
has the 9/11 truth movement had something as powerful as this. After the
event there will be a short strategy session because education is
worthless unless we use it.

Sunday December 3rd , 6:30 pm
St. Marks Church, NYC
10th Street 2nd Ave
take the 6 train to Astor Place or R train to 8th Street.

FREE for the public
Presenter: Luke Rudkowski
Sponsored by: CHANGE

You can buy TERROR STORM on Amazon here…

"TerrorStorm is something that should be seen by everyone, no matter
what their stance/affiliation/political bent. "
- Rich Rosell, Digitally Obsessed UK