FREE screening of 911 Mysteries w/ discussion on the Riverboat in Newport Beach, CA!

Join us at the Riverboat Restaurant Ami Beaucoup in Newport Beach, CA for FREE projection screening of 911 Mysteries. The best doc out there yet to present compelling evidence for how the twin towers and building 7 were destroyed...a discussion follows after.

When? Jan. 4th 2007 @ 8pm to 9:30pm
Where? Ami Beaucoup Riverboat Restaurant 151 E. Coast Hwy Newport Beach, CA
What? FREE Projection screening of 911 Mysteries including discussion.
Why? Take an unbiased look at the evidence and formulate your own conclusions!

Who? We're Orange County residents who want this information exposed, so we provide a free forum for all to come together in order to make that happen. We host FREE 9/11 films the first thursday of every month on the riverboat in Newport Beach, CA, beginning this January 4th 2007....


MOVIE will be: 9/11 Revisited KEEPING UP WITH JONES 51 minutes


all info for screening tonight is the same, however the movie will be Keeping Up With Jones. A look from the eyes of Steven Jones about the anamolies of the collapses at wtc complex. Discussion follows after! Movie still starts at 8pm..runs 51 minutes..