Sirius Channel 146: 9/11 conspiracies and Iraq war

Network:  Sirius satellite radio
Station:  Talk Left (channel 146)
Host:  Mike Feder
Day:  Next Saturday
Time:  (5 - 8) Eastern Time

Topics:  9/11 conspiracies and Iraq war

Mike Feder

Mike Feder is a long-time New York based radio personality, performer and author. For 25 years he hosted a live, “free-form” interview and talk show on WBAI-FM in New York. The centerpiece of this long-running program was his spontaneous and wide-ranging autobiographical storytelling.

He has also performed hundreds of autobiographical monologues at colleges, nightclubs, theaters and conventions.

Mike is the author of two memoirs: New York Son (Crown Publishing, 1989) and The Talking Cure (Seven Stories Press, 2001) He has also written humor and memoir pieces for various publications, including Harpers Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

Mike is married, has two grown children and lives in Manhattan. Visit him at