Austin Truth Protest @ 1PM - Texas State Capitol

Austin Truth Protest

We will be holding a peaceful yet meaningful protest on:

Saturday, January 20th @ The State Capitol in Austin

We will be there starting at 1PM (come freezing hell or high water) and we will stay until everyone gets tired and goes home - you may come and go as you choose.

We will be located at the front gates. We will be wearing black Investigate 9/11 T-shirts - if you do not have a black shirt it's not a big deal - come as you are regardless - for it is your voice and your knowledge, not your clothing, that is more important.

We will have flyers and DVDs to pass out. We will have signs also, but they are limited. After the turnout last week we encourage you to get creative and make your own - no profanity please, children attend our protests.

We will not be bullhorning on Saturday. We will be speaking to people on the street. We ask that you be calm, friendly and compliant with the APD Protest rules.

We WILL be there every Saturday @ 1PM. We want to stand up for our disappearing rights. We want to let others here in Austin know that we are unafraid to speak out and spread the Truth. We shall stand together, as patriots, as brothers and sisters, fighting for fairness, justice and freedom...fighting for our lives, until we have amassed a crowd that cannot be silenced by this fear any longer. We had a great turnout last week and we hope that you will stand with us this weekend.

Thank you for your time,
Michelle, Joseph and DeLynn