IRVINE, CA: 2007 Justice and Freedom Conference: Steven Jones, Kevin Barret, William Rodriguez and others

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David VonKleist and Dylan Avery attending/speaking too...

The main part of this 3-day Conference will be Saturday,March 10, and Sunday, March 11, when we will have over twelve of the most informative, knowledgeable and exciting Justice and Freedom speakers addressing a variety of the most important and life- changing events of our day. The Friday, March 9, event is a separate 6-hour class on the U.S. Constitution, your rights, freedom and law.

We also have a Friday Night VIP all-you-can-eat buffet dinner with our speakers and on Saturday night a catered dinner on with our Banquet Speaker, Mr. William Rodriguez. For your convenience luncheons will also be available on all three days. There are separate charges for the conference, the Friday Constitution Class and each meal. The non-food events have volume discount pricing; luncheons and dinners do not.

All non-food events are FREE to anyone under 21 years old , and to full-time college students who are under 25 years old.