9/11 has been used and the suffering abused to initiate loss of civil liberties and the invasion of Iraq. Although is not a 9/11 movement, we recognise that we are a branch that grew from that day and are in solidarity with your search for truth and thank you for all you do.

We campaign every minute of the day to end the war in Iraq, we do this at NO cost by wearing a home-made white fabric armband as a symbol of the statement "I want an end to the war in Iraq". This symbol can be worn by protest groups alongside their own colours/slogans etc. to show that we all want this one thing - no matter what else we stand for..

We need a united, solid front that can be highly visible and not ignored by media. If everyone who wants an end to the war in Iraq wore a white fabric armband - we would be seen, everywhere, all the time.

Please consider joining us in this free and instant act - it will encourage questions from others too and that is also good for truth seeking. The symbol has no words, so can be worn in 'no protest' zones, on TV, by politicians, celebrities, at mass demonstrations for greater impact and is not dependent on geographical location, colour, religion, politics or any other seperator - this is unifying, this is self-empowering, this is universal and this is honest.

Thanks for considering this and I hope you will join us.

Tina Louise