9/11 Rescue Hero to Tell His Story in Chicago 4/19/07

Thursday, April 19th
Portage Theatre
4050 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL – A coalition of The Lone Lantern Society, MUJCA and Midwest Citizens Truth is pleased to announce that world-famous September 11th hero William Rodriguez will be speaking at the Portage Theater in Chicago on Thursday, April 19, 2007. Also speaking will be Dr. Kevin Barrett, who has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, and many other news outlets.

William Rodriguez was the World Trade Center janitor who risked his life to single-handedly save 15 people who were trapped in the North Tower on September 11, 2001. He used his master key for the North Tower and helped save hundreds of lives – the only one available to open stairwell doors for fire department rescue crews. He exited the North Tower just as it was beginning its explosive collapse, dove under a fire truck, and lived to tell the tale. Rodriguez is recognized worldwide as THE 9/11 hero.

Dr. Kevin Barrett has taught English, French, Arabic, American Civilization, Humanities, African Literature, Folklore, and Islam at colleges and universities in the San Francisco Bay area, Paris , and Madison , Wisconsin .

Barrett is the founder of the Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance (www.MUJCA.com), and the author of Truth Jihad, as well as co-editor of 9/11 and American Empire: Christians Jews and Muslims Speak Out , both of which are new releases. He will discuss these two new books, and share his personal journey about what he has learned about that fateful day.

The event will be hosted by GCN radio talk show host Gary Franchi of the Lone Lantern Society of America. It will be held at the Portage Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, April 19. Doors open at 6:00pm. Admission is $7.