Dr. Bob Bowman is bringing his Patriot Tour to Tulsa!

When: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 7:00 pm Where: OSU – Tulsa Auditorium, 700 N. Greenwood (link to www.osu-tulsa.okstate.edu/campusmap.asp for directions) Admission: $6 / Adults, $3 / college & H.S. students, children free Dr. Bowman challenges us to “Take Back America” for the people. He explains why we need a government that: (1) Follows the Constitution, (2) Honors the Truth, and (3) Serves the People. Those privileged to hear Dr. Bowman speak will be enlightened and inspired! Dr. Bowman will share his views on the wars in the Middle East, Homeland Security, the threats to our privacy and civil liberties, our failed immigration policy, the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries, NAFTA and the North American Union. He wants to restore honesty, integrity and accountability to our government. He’ll address health plans written by insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, energy policies written by Exxon and Enron, 9/11 investigations and our growing national debt. Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. is President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, the President's Medal of Veterans for Peace, the Meritorious Service Medal, and numerous other awards. He is one of the country's foremost authorities on national security. Colonel Bowman flew 101 combat missions as a fighter pilot in Vietnam and directed all of the Dept. of Defense “Star Wars” programs under Presidents Ford and Carter. He has been an executive in both government and industry, and has chaired 8 major international conferences. Professor Bowman taught at 5 colleges and universities, serving as Department Head and Assistant Dean. His Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech. He has lectured at the National War College, the United Nations, Congressional Caucuses, the Academies of Science of six nations, and the House of Lords. www.thepatriots.us www.tulsatruth.org

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