Terrorism Explained: How Governments Use Thugs, Drug Dealers, and Religious Fanatics to "Justify" Endless War -- Oakland, CA

Lake Merritt Neighborhood Ctr, 530 Lake Park Ave (near Grand Ave), Oakland: An overview of how our political-economic system requires endless war: Malthus and Ricardo (war, starvation, and illness as population control); the need for an enemy to maintain a permanent war economy and allegiance to the existing power structure (the "Iron Mountain" model); the history of the deep US-Saudi embrace and how it supports the reactionary "Wahhabi" Muslim sect; how the US & UK "adopted" the Nazis and Fascists after WWII and used them to build up security forces for their client governments in the Middle East, Far East, & S. America; continued US infiltration of al Qaeda and White House suppression of FBI investigations that could have revealed the 9-11 plot as well as the US financial system's dependence on terrorism and drug dealing. Advanced topic/possible guest speaker TBD.