An Evening with William Rodriguez -- September 11 Hero

An Evening with William Rodriguez -- September 11 Hero

For more than five years since September 11, 2001, William Rodriguez has been relentless in his crusade to help September 11 victims and their families, and in bringing to audiences in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S. his explosive testimony challenging the official account of the freefall collapse of New York's Twin Towers and Solomon Building.
The Puerto Rican-born, New Jersey resident was a custodian at the World Trade Center for nearly twenty years and was in-charge of the three stairwells — A, B and C — in the North Tower. In possession of the master key that opened all of the stairwell doors on each floor of the 110 story building, William Rodriquez personally saved the lives of 15 people that day and aided New York City firefighters in saving hundreds of others.

Honored five times by President Bush, William Rodriquez helped draft and implement legislation on behalf of victim families and was a champion, along with victim family members, in demanding the creation of the 9/11 Commission, during which his eyewitness testimony was kept hidden from the public and then mysteriously excluded from its final report. Most intriguing in his testimony are references to massive explosions he and other co-workers experienced "before" the plane hit the building and just prior to its collapse. "We heard a loud rumble, then all of a sudden we heard another rumble," Rodriguez told CNN moments after the collapse. However, as his descriptions about what he experienced became more precise, government officials started ignoring him and the media began editing his remarks. "As soon as I start talking about the explosions that I heard, nobody wants to listen," he's often quoted as saying. Though corroborated by dozens of witnesses, including firefighters and news reporters, the 9/11 Commission Report makes no mention of explosions. Rodriguez also approached the FBI and was never allowed to tell them what he knew.

William Rodriguez's recollections are both horrifying and inspiring – his first-hand accounts, riveting. The conclusions Rodriguez draws about what happened that day challenge much of what America has come to believe concerning how three skyscrapers in New York collapsed. In recent years, his remarks have had their widest acceptance outside the United States, where he speaks before large crowds and heads of state, and where, he claims, his story is reported "without censorship." Rodriguez's position is also popular with the 9/11 Truth movement, and his story is retold on many of the movement's websites and films, including Loose Change and 9/11 Mysteries. His activities and opinions have also been widely reported in the Spanish-language media in the US.

"An Evening with William Rodriguez" will take place at 7:00 pm on Thursday, May 17 at the International Community Church, 557 Cambridge Street in
Allston. Parking is available at the school next to the church.

His visit is part of his ongoing "9/11 Keymaster Tour," which continues Friday, May 18th 6:30 pm at Franklin Pierce College, Pierce Hall in Rindge, NH, and Saturday May 19, 2 pm at the First Congregational Church of Lee, 25 Park Place, Lee, MA.

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There will be no videotaping permitted during the presentation. For media related questions, contact Friends of William Rodriguez