Heroes for 9/11 Truth, for Peace, for Impeachment- Rally in Palo Alto, CA Wednesday, June 13th 2007


Heroes for 9/11 Truth, for Peace, for Impeachment
author: Carol Brouillet e-mail: cbrouillet @ igc.org
Heroes will rally in Palo Alto Wednesday, June 13th 2007. Master of Ceremonies- award winning investigative journalist, host of KPFA's Flashpoints, together with super-heroes Superman, Spiderman, Yoda, and Wonder Woman will present 2007 Heroic Citizens for 9/11 Truth to Dr. Robert Bowman,, Richard Gage, AIA, Janette MacKinlay, Cosmos, Aaron Dames. Superman (musician August Bullock) will sing "Heroes of America." The rally will conclude with a march to Congresswoman Eshoo's office urging support for HR 333- impeachment of Cheney.