Professional Liars: Exposing the Media's Criminal Deceptions - Ann Arbor MI

Ann Arbor Truth and Freedom

Presents a weekend of taking on the media and talking about solutions to fix this ongoing problem. This conference cost $59 for a full weekend. Single day rates and others with extenuating circumstances are negotiable

Speakers include:

Cynthia McKinney former Congresswoman representing Georgia
Michael Parenti cauthor of Inventing Reality: The Politics of News Media and other books
Al Giordano editor of
Michael Rivero editor of
Mark Achbar director of The Corporation
James Loewen author of Lies My Teacher Told Me and other books
Jesse Richard editor of
Bev Harris author of Black Box Voting
Alison Weir editor of
Barrie Zwicker author of Towers of Deception
John Hankey director of JFK2: The Bush Connection
Steve Wilson journalist silenced for exposing artificial hormones in the dairy supply

Most of the weekend's activities will be in the Power Center located in Ann Arbor, MI but on the 14th, activities will be spread out to allow the attendee more options for what do during the day. The website with all details can be seen at
The Power Center is located at: 121 Fletcher St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109