Truth Peace Impeachment - Washington, DC

Details here.
Events to be live webscast, alternating with NYC.

12:00 Noon - Rally at Lafayette Park, Pennsylvania Ave., in front of the White House. Cross country walkers arrive: Mario Penlaver with "March of the People" walking from Chicago for Impeachment, Bro. Elliot from Denver for Peace, 9/11truth, and Bill McDannell who walked from San Diego to "End the wars."
Special Musical Guest: The Ben Marble Band.
Speakers Include:
--ADAM KOKESH, former Marine combat vet, director Iraq Veterans Against the War
--WBSTER TARPLEY, historian and author of, "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA"
--RALPH SCHOENMAN and MYA SHONE, hosts of the radio program, "Taking Aim"
--DAVID LINDORFF, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"
--BOB BOWMAN, Lt. Col USAF(ret.), former head of Star Wars program.
--CARLO HAWK WALKER, native American, Vietnam veteran and peacemaker.
--REV. GRAYLAN HAGLER, Pastor, Plymouth Congregational Church, Washington, DC
--WILLIAM PEPPER, Barrister and Lawyer, author of "An Act of State" and "Orders to Kill"

3:00 pm - March single file up Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capitol. (bring signs)

5:00-6:30 pm - Reception - Stewart Mott House, [[|(see map)] 122 Maryland Ave. NE (1 block east of Supreme Court)

7:00-9:00 pm - Panel Discussion (Live webcast here or here) - Stewart Mott House - WEBSTER TARPLEY, RALPH SCHOENMAN, MYA SHONE and DAVID LINDORFF.