Lee Hamilton @ Miami University

9/11 Commission Vice-Chair Lee Hamilton will be speaking at Parrish Auditorium on the Miami Hamilton campus, November 14th at 7:30pm. Hamilton’s topic is “A Balanced View of American Power: How to Combat the Threats of the 21st Century.”

This event is FREE and open the public, but you must request tickets. There’s a limit of 4, so be sure to call (513.785.3020) ASAP to reserve yours.

Call now and reserve your tickets, then spread the word! Email this information to all your contacts. Put up Myspace bulletins. Post it on Facebook. IM. Call your non-internet friends. Snail mail it even!

We must do our part to make sure people understand Mr. Hamilton’s real contribution (or lack thereof) to finding out what really happened on September 11th.

Click here for more info on this event, or read Hamilton’s bio on Wikipedia.

Come join the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus 9/11 Truth groups for this event!