9-11 Truth Movement WEST COAST CONVERGENCE in San Francisco

Watch this great video --> CONVERGENCE MARCH in San Diego!

The 9-11 Truth Movement is growing in numbers and it's growing in solidarity. Come join the first ever WEST COAST CONVERGENCE in San Francisco on Sunday, May 11, 2008. This will be a phenomenal experience. Meet folks from all over the West coast, from Vancouver down to San Diego and all the fantastic people in between.

Expect a visibility experience like never before with an empowering convergence in solidarity!

Do your best to make arrangements to arrive on Saturday, May 10th and join an evening vigil <-- details to come.

Please make plans now.

Your voice and actions will determine our fate as a free Nation..... The World needs all of us to stand together and take action now...

more info --> 9-11.meetup.com/359