Loose Change screening in Tulsa - Hardesty Library

The Truth Is Out There: Loose Change 2nd Edition

This is a free public event.
When: September 22, 6:30PM
Where: Hardesty Library (93rd and Memorial)
Who: Brought to you by http://TulsaTruth.org

Why are there still so many unanswered questions 7 years after the attacks of 9/11? Why did so many firefighters and every major news station report bombs in the building? Why were there pools of molten steel in the basements of all 3 towers? Why does no one know about the collapse of building 7? Why won't the Bush administration or the 9/11 commission address the questions posed by the family members who lost loved ones on 9/11?

The main stream media will not talk about the evidence that suggests there was more to 9/11 then just Osama Bin Ladin and 19 hijackers. This film proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media and our government are covering up and distorting the truths about 9/11/01.

Watch the Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY5YoTbOmOY

View the Flier: http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/807/lcfpngay1.png