The Great Awakening

Saturday, September 26th
Troy Riverfront Park
Troy, NY
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What do everyday, ordinary citizens do when the fate of America hangs by a thread?
They create an event that will inform the people through music, continuous video and speakers.

"To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world." - The Declaration of Independence

Our Music:
The Ameros
Ashes of Ruin
The Realside
Black Mountain Symphony
Illiptical theWizard From Mars
Denise Culhane
Laura Boggs

Our Topics:
Genetically Modified Foods
Benefits of Food Co-ops
Agriculture - HR875 and HR2749 and Water Recovery Act
Mental Health
Big Pharma
Swine Flu
Mandatory Vaccinations
Medical Bills
Persistent Contrails
Propaganda/Education System
Enhanced Drivers License/PASS Act
Patriot Act
State and Federal Budgets
Federal Reserve
Social Security
The Constitution
State Sovereignty, Unfunded Mandates
Continental Congress 2009
Second Amendment Civil Rights
Oath Keepers
False Flag
Gulf War Syndrome
Local Depleted Uranium Pollution
NAU/ Treaties/Border

The Rundown:
12:30pm- Introduction
12:35pm - Agriculture Speakers/Clips
12:55pm - Music (Denise Culhane)
1:45pm - Health and Wellness Speakers/Clips
2:15pm - Music (The Real Side)
3:05pm- Media, Lies, Television Speakers/Clips
3:25pm - Poet/Music (Illiptical the Wizard From Mars)
3:45pm - Economy Speakers/Clips
4:15pm - Music (The Ameros)
5:05pm - Freedom Speakers/Clips (with reading of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine's Common Sense, and the Constitution)
5:15pm - Music (Laura Boggs)
6:25pm - War Speakers/Clips
6:50pm - Music (Black Mountain Symphony)
7:40pm - Globalism Speakers/Clips
8:15pm - Music (Ashes of Ruin)

Are you concerned about the direction our country is heading in?

Here's an opportunity to inform and activate your friends and neighbors and get them to join our efforts to restore our Republic!

What are YOU going to do?

I guess that false flag includes...

...what we are up to in the 9/11 Truth Movement?

I guess that the day is coming when these frightened folks and weak organizations will come to deal with THE BIG KAHUNA...the 9/11 Truth Movement...and fit their work into what we are all up to...REAL CHANGE!

Patience must rule...

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

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