a point to focus on regarding 9/11

if you really want to know the truth about 9/11 start doing some research.. one of the major smoking guns regarding 9/11 is WTC7. if you do some research into WTC7, comments made by Silverstein, how long it took the building to fall, 'the law of falling bodies' by galileo, etc. etc. research WTC7, we should demand more answers.

im going to quote myself here from my friend's message board regarding WTC7:

if minor fire can destroy WTC7 (not hit by plane, not hit by major debris, look at the pictures/videos) then why do explosive companies exist? if i could set a fire on 2-3 floors only in the center of a buidling, and have it collapse into the footprint of the building into tiny pieces ready for removal, then why dont we do demolition work with fire? beleiving there isnt a cover up on WTC7 requires an ignorance on the subject..