Research 9/11 and this administration!

there are a few events happening this week which might end up causing some major controversy, or might not be anything. the 911truth movement is filing a criminal lawsuit on thursday against the bush administration. the statement from 911truth lists several major questions that they demand answers to as well as a list of over 100 'signatories'.. who knows, maybe the press will notice this time? you can find out about that here:

on a side note the hiphop community has picked up on the evils of this administration and its ties to 9/11.. these two peices of media are probably pretty shocking for most, i myself am quite amazed that perhaps the 9/11 conspiracy is reaching the public:
eminem mosh video
mosdef blames bush for 9/11

and finally.. i have come out admiting that i beleive this administration is covering up their own involvement with 9/11.. i have done my research.. so i thought i would give a list of links for those who want a place to start.. the list is by no means complete, and definately could use filling in, but i have only recently tried to keep track of what sites ive researched.. make sure you take each site with a grain of salt.. some are more legit than others.. so here:
[link temporarily removed]

also, i want to suggest a book to read:
The New Pearl Harbor (great book, 40 pages of references)

and an amazing documentary:
Painful Desceptions (book has alot of extra details on the WTC towers)