The Bin Laden surprise and other new news

All I can say is wow. I was quite surprised to see bin Laden still alive, but i really do have quite a few questions about what he said. bin laden did admit to 9/11, but it is kind of surprising that he referenced the 19 (not 20) highjackers, and that he made no reference to the plane that hit the pentagon, or the goal of the plane that crashed in PA. overall i dont think this video changes much of anything, if this really was UBL i would think he could've said quite a few better things with his airtime.

this doesn't really affect the theory of gov't involvement in 9/11.. i do beleive highjacked planes hit the towers.. our gov't allowed the attacks to happen without interuption, and then our gov't demolished WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7. the buildings didn't collapse on their own, especially WTC7.. we just assume they fell because of the planes, not because the physical evidence shows it.

aside from all of this, the video recordings of the The Citizens' Commission on 9-11 were posted today here:

you can also find the video recordings of the 1st International Citizen's Inquiry into 9-11 which was held in San Francisco in March 2004 here: (pay attention to jim hoffman's presentation about the theory of controlled demolition -

thats quite a few hours of 9/11 presentations.. i havent watched all of it yet by any means, but it definately has a wide variety of presenters and each of their views on a variety of topics related to 9/11.