9/11 links of the day

the 9/11 movement is starting to wake up alot of ppl.. ive mentioned recently how amazed i am about the hip-hop community preaching about our government, and i really think it is becoming widespread.. i came accross a rapper somehow related to mos def named 'immortal technique'.. he is the one who did the 'bin laden' track on green lantern's most recent album, mos def just did the hook.. i have found another track by this guy and i am really blown away at how blatant he is talking about government corruption.. reminds me of old rage against the machine, but focused on 9/11..

so, without further ado.. here are the links of today:

Cynthia McKinney and Catherine Austin Fitts (democrat and republican) join together to demand 911 truth.
cynthia mckenney should win in GA tommorrow.. if she does she is committed to bring 9/11 research to the forefront, and i cant wait.

ABC news talks about 9/11 doubter's 'surfacing'..
today abcnews actually mentioned 9/11 conspiracies.. unfortunately the article spoke about the conspiracies in a very negative tone, and as a black and white issue, showing only one conspiracy theory, and not illustrating the larger issue, that there are holes the size of trucks through the official story..

a green party candidate is preaching 9/11 truth
notice how he highlights WTC7, what is he highlighting in that oval? i know, do you?

the 9/11 conspiracy isnt just surfacing.. in fact there are ppl who have devoted the last few years trying to shine light on the questions remaining that the administration seems so adamant at avoiding.. and the media has sat by willingly ignoring the massive gaps in the 9/11 story. the independent commission was meant to answer the questions of the 9/11 families, but instead it was directly changed to not find out who failed us, and hold them responsible, but rather come up with ideas of how to fix our intelligence issues.. i dont mean to be harsh, everyone makes mistakes, but to continue to fail to answer questions, and to intentionally hide evedence that could prove the official story is something that we should not accept. if you think our government is completely innocent that is great, and i pray every night that you are correct, but they should prove it, we shouldnt just accept the official story when so many questions, coincidences, and physical evidence shows we have at the very least been misled. sign the petition for a criminal investigation, if the government is innocent then we have nothing to worry about, and we will have the proof that the rest of the world, and soon america, will demand.

sign the petition: http://www.justicefor911.org

good day

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