Good comments about the independent commission

David Griffin has recently released a book named The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, which I pre-ordered about 2 weeks ago.. he also made a very damning statement against the independent commission's report here:

An investigation is meant to answer questions, the fact that majority of the 400 or so questions proposed by the 9/11 families steering committee were directly ignored, and that it completely ignored WTC7 just goes to show how we can't trust the government (or even the 'free' press) to report to us on the biggest catalyst of our time.

the public and the media are who must hold the government accountable.. and seeing as how the media doesnt find any single item related to 9/11 important enough to discuss on mainstream news (asside from bashing those whacky conspiracy theorists, and justifying the government's actions) just goes to show how little we can trust on our media keeping not only our government, but corporate greed and power in check.

when was the last time you heard about government or corporate greed and corruption? do you think it doesnt exist? or do you think they are the ones paying the millions in advertising that make companies like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC operate and make good profits? the majority of the 'free' press is just another product to sell, support independent and true free media.