new Griffin book, Iraq / CIA issues

welp, i got my new book today.. its called 'The 9/11 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions' written by David Ray Griffin, you can see more about it here:
amazon link

his new book is a really quick read much like his other book i highly suggest entitled 'A New Pearl Harbor'.. in only a few hours I've already made it through about 70+ pages.. its really good so far, and i would suggest it to understand the failures of the 'independent commission'..

on a side note.. tonight a new news story hit the rest of the world.. so far the US press hasnt brought it up (surprise, surprise), but it really is important.. on 9/11 rumsfeld ordered the pentagon to find anything and everything it could related to 9/11 and iraq that would provide them with the means to attack iraq.. after the whole WMD fiasco a report was issued saying that the intelligence communities had failed due to 'group think' regarding iraq and its supposive immediate threat.. well, this 'group think' is actually a forceful hand that pressured the intelligence communities to find/create whatever necessary to justify a war in iraq.. something that still today is killing americans and innocent civilians daily..

but i digress.

check out these news articles:
CIA fired me for not toeing Iraq line, says agent
Ex-CIA agent says sacked for not faking Iraq WMD reports
CIA operative claims he was told to falsify reporting on WMDs
CIA official 'sacked over WMD'

you see, the problem here is that the CIA is corrupt, plain and simple, not only in its relation to 9/11, but historical events including the drug trade and arms trade.. now someone comes out and admits that he was forced to go along with the whole WMD lie and i garauntee you he will be blackballed (if even mentioned) by our media (despite his 20+ years of service)..

it doesnt take much effort to read about how on the very day of 9-11, bush (and rumsfeld) were set on iraq.. in fact, since iraq we have pretty much given up on bin laden completely.. he was needed to create the want for war in america, without it, the war in iraq would have been completely unfounded, which it was. bush himself asked the possibility of attacking iraq to richard clarke on the very DAY OF 9/11.. PNAC wanted war with Iraq, as did the neo-cons from day 1 of this administration, and 9/11 only provided the excuse to do it.. anyone, and any evidence, which disagreed with this war was told to shutup, and instantly blackballed in the media.. just look at richard clarke for an example, and wait and see what they do to this guys comments.

bah. its all messed up.