intelligence changes != fixing the problem

Blowing the whistle on CIA's missteps (Sen. Graham 'Intelligence Matters')
the pentagon lies to the media? nawww.
We're monsters, too: Al-Qaida's evils seem to have brought out the worst in America
The ACLU thinks the new laws based on the 'independent' commission's findings are yet another threat to civil liberties and freedoms..

how is it that a report as flawed and biased as the 'independent' commission's report have the ability to suggest good intelligence changes when they completely ignore the existing problems? they directly ignore sibel edmond's 3+ hour testimony showing the flaws, and in my opinion corruption, in the fbi's translating department.. they competely ignore the ties to the ISI and the funding of mohammed atta, etc. etc. They provide lip-service to the administration and the intelligence department heads while ignoring the whistleblowers who are doing their best to show the real flaws and reasons why 9/11 wasnt prevented.

if you want to make this country safer how about provide some decent whistleblower protection so that the people in the fbi and cia who have a problem with whats going on can tell america what they know? instead we give more powers and funding to the intelligence communities who failed us on 9/11 and have done their best to cover up the truth.

bah, rant completed.