new popular mechanics article on 9/11

it was about 5-6 months ago that i was looking at a magazine rack when i noticed the latest copy of popular mechanic.. it caught my eye because the cover had a massive nuke going off and seemed like an awefully scary cover.. while i dont remember the title on the cover, i do remember thinking it had to have been made with the idea of scaring the bejeezus out of its readers.. i flipped through the magazine and could find nothing about the article which dominated the cover.. i thought it was odd and put it back on the rack..

popular mechanics is about to release an article claiming to debunk all of the 9/11 conspiracies.. while i would love for new information or research to prove the 'conspiracy theories' wrong, i highly doubt this article will be more than fluff and diversion.. in any event, the great guys at have gone ahead and responded to this article.. im hoping the PHDs at will take some time to comment on this article too..

in any event, here is a response to popular mechanics' soon to run article: